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How skinny do you have to be to be a model?

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In today's fashion....

On the verge of anorexia

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I’d say trim and toned but not bony which is unattractive.

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How do you get model skinny?

Models SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be naturally skinny. You shouldn't try to get model skinny. Skinny isn't for everyone. Be happy with your size. You are lucky.

How can you get as skinny as a model?

don't eat.

What size is a super model?


Is the model Rachael overweight?

She's not fat at all. She's a skinny model.

How do you be skinny like Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus isn't that skinny, she pays people to make you look that skinny, she looks scary that skinny, she is a awful role model and she took pics of her butt

Do you have to be skinny to be a model?

The word model is a broad term. To be a Victoria's secret model or playboy or maxim model. Normally you have to be thin and fit.

What are the advantages of being a fashion model?

== == == == there are none apart from your skinny

Was twiggy a artist from the sixies?

No she was a very famous model! and very skinny!

Do you have to be really skinny to be a model?

You don't have to be really skinny to be a model, you should be skinny but toned as well. My advice is to have a healthy diet which includes some daily exercise like sit-ups or Jackknives.Just promise me you wont go on a crash diet :S its just sooo unhealthy (:

Does Louis Tomlinson prefer curvy or skinny girls?

He prefers skinny girls because his current girlfriend is Eleanor Calder and she's a model.

What are the negative aspects of a fashion model?

The negatives are you need to be skinny unless they want a fatty model and they need to be hot.

Is using skinny models in advertising effective?

It is very effective. I am a high fashion model and I am skinny. What do you see on tv? Skinny Models. My agency I work for is using skinny models and selling ad campaigns. It just depends on what type of advertising you re doing.

Did model t's have rubber tires?

Yes, they did, very tall skinny ones.

Are skinny actresses a bad role model for girls?

no actually it depend on a girl.

How a model is made?

well i am a model and a dancer soccer player and a cheerleader soo u have to be skinny and athelic.. :) Matt c.<3

What is good about being healthy?

being healthy is good because you can get skinny if you want to be a model

About the fashion model?

Fashion models r usually skinny and scary. They model clothing and swimwear etc. (as u probably noe). Very very very very very very very skinny most of the time, maybe not kids though.

Why is Victoria Justice so skinny?

usually if you join a tv show or model or movie, the people in charge make you loose at least ten pounds. the camera adds ten pounds. BUT NEVER TRY TO BE AS SKINNY AS VICTORIA JUSTICE SHE IS WAY TO SKINNY FOR HER AGE!!!

Can you be fat to be a site model?

Bigger girls are just a beautiful as skinny girls, some times more beautiful.

What is the US model?

Extreme Scales. US models are extreamly skinny or extremly Fat! There is no middle ground for americans!

How skinny do you have to be in order to be a model?

Most models are "underweight" skinny, which really shouldn't be called "tall and thin" it should be called "underweight." If you want to be a model, you should get as fit and trim as possible, and if you do that, no one's going to ask you to lose weight-- if they do, ignore it. Maybe modeling isn't for people who want to be normal.

Skinny jeans or super skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans super skinny is to tight

Do skinny models make the clothes in fashion shows more advertising?

According to the fashion industry, yes. The focus is supposed to be on the clothes, not the model. This is why they prefer them to be so skinny in order to act as a "human clothes hanger."

How skinny is to skinny?

When you get skinny jeans, and they're too big.

5' 7 and 105 pounds?

way too skinny! gain some weight unless you want to be a model

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