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Usually they were captured by their own or neighboring tribes and sold into slavery for a pittance.

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Q: How slaves were captured?
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What part of Africa were slaves mostly captured?

Were the slaves captured from Ghana and Nigeria, as they made the slaves walk, it is not likely that they got them from Kenya.

How were slaves capured?

various ways. Some were threatened, some were captured, and others were slaves after they were captured in a battlefield.

How were slaves procured or captured?

Slaves were just attacked by people and either killed or captured. They were then imprisoned until bought.

How many slaves were captured between the 1800 and 1900s?

It is estimated that there were over 300,000 slaves that were captured between the 1800 and 1900's. Most slaves were from Africa.

Where were the slaves captured?

in the sea

How did slaves become slaves in Australia?

They were captured or Sentenced to Slavery

What jobs did the African slaves do before they were captured?

Before being captured, African slaves did jobs like farming and metalwork

What did the barbarians do when they captured them as slaves?

what did the barbarians do for slave work when they wer captured

Who found the slaves?

Slaves weren't found. They were made slaves by the people who captured them.

How old were slaves captured?

well, if you mean 'how old were slaves when they were captured' then i would say around five and six. (very young!)

Why did the Spanish and Portage's want African slaves instead of using captured Native Americans as slaves?

They were better slaves

Were the Ancient Egyptians slaves captured?

Yes some were the ones that were captured were foreigners

How did slaves avoid being captured?

Some slaves avoided being captured by venturing out to live in the mountains and caves as well as disguising themselves.

Did Mesopotamia have slaves?

Yes, the rulers of Mesopotamia had slaves. Slaves were captured in war and made to serve the victors.

What were slaves doing when they were captured?

the slaves ware forced to do hardworking in European countries

How did the Maya deal with people that they captured?

Yes they had slaves. They captured people from other tribes or settlers and had them set to be sacrifices or just slaves. But most of them were sacrifices.

Where did the captured slaves go after they were captured?

they were taken to Bosque Redondo near Fort Sumner.

What groups directly captured slaves?


How were the American slaves captured?

by slave hunters

Who were the people who captured slaves called?


What are 3 ways in which africans bacame slaves?

They were captured by slaversThey were captured by fellow Africans and sold to slaversThey were the children of slaves and born into slavery.

How were slaves usually captured in Africa during the slave trade?

They were captured by African slave traders

What did the Spanish do to the captured native Americans?

Sometimes the Spanish made captured native Americans into slaves

Was it captured Indians or African slaves that did tobacco plantation in early years of Virginia?

African slaves

How were slaves captured in ancient rome?

they were caputured from battles