How small is an ant?

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How does the Queen ant get in the ant hole if the ant hole is so small?

Altough the Queen ant is big and the hole is small it can still usually fit

What are names for ants?

dragon ant or a big ant a small ants

What is a ant?

An ant is a weird thing that is so small it is edible and can be poisinous

Is an ant small?


What is the lifestyle of an ant?


How big is an ant mound?

It depends on the kind of ant. If it's a reagular ant it would be small. If it's a red ant it would be big.

Can a small red ant and a carpenter ant breed to create a red and black ant?

No. They dont cross breed.

What is an Argentine ant?

An Argentine ant is a small black ant, Latin name Linepithema humilis, originating in Argentina.

What ant can kill a small dog?

the oversized killer soldier ant of Brazil.

What small insect can bite?

a ant

What is a very small animal?

An ant is a very small creature.

Is a ant small?

Well yes and no. Everything is relative, so compared to a water molecule or atom, an ant is very big. But, compared to the a human an ant is very small. But, a human is small when compared to the earth and the earth is small when compared to our galaxy and so on. Everything is relative.

What kind of ant is small red and has a brown striped clear abdomen?

Pharoh Ant

What is a black garden ant?

A black garden ant is a small species of ant common in Europe, Latin name Lasius niger.

What is an ant egg?

An ant egg is a small white egg-shaped pupa or cocoon of the ant, often seen in or around anthills.

Who was famous first ant or deck?

ant. because he is small and young he has humor to be famous and young.

Do you get a queen ant when you send off for ants for 'ant world'?

i belive you do i was going to get it but its small

Why can an ant run very fast?

an ant is so small and weightless so it can run fast.

How big is ant poop?

Its not that small, but you PENIS IS

What is the size of a leaf cutter ant?


What is a small black insect called?

It is a ant

Which you is a small creature with 6 legs?


Who would win 999 lions vs 1 ant?

999 lions

How small is the smallest ant?

i did a report on ants and the smallest ant was 3.65 mm long (fully grown)

What is the similarities between a spider an an ant?

they both are small