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dogs are said to be smarter than humans

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How smart is a pig?

yes there are almost as smart as a dog

How can you rove that a stupid dog is actually a lot smarter than a smart dog?

Train the dog and teach it tricks. Then you can say that it is alot smarter than a smart dog.

Is you dog smart?


Is Australian sheperd dog smart?

Yes. I have one who is wicked smart. Whenever I mention that my dog is an Austrailian Shepherd people comment and say that they are smart and wonderfull.

How smart are rats?

Rats are very intelligent, some as smart as the smartest dog.

Simile she is as smart as a?

Smart as a Fox or Monkey ???

Are guinea fowl smart?

I think my guinea is really smart. There is a dog a few houses down and I watched it. The guinea would stay the same distance away from the dog as the dog moved.

Is the labradoodle a smart dog?

Generally speaking, yes...labradoodles are VERY smart dogs.

Is the husky breed a smart breed of dog?

Huskies are very smart breeds of dogs

What type of dog is in the movie Get Smart?


How are you alike to a dog?

We are both pretty smart!

What is the smart cartoon dog?

Mister Peabody .

How do you know if you have a smart dog?

if it does not run into a wall

Are pit bulls smart for a dog?


What is the 16th smartest dog?

The 16th most intelligent dog is the Keeshond, a smart, fluffy and friendly dog:)

Can your dog eat chedder cheese?

Yes,but if you were smart enough you wouldn't do that to your dog(puke:()

What does it mean when your dog has a bump on its head?

It mean that ur dog is smart that he or her can lean fast

How smart is the boxer dog?

the boxer dog is about 50% smater than an average human

How smart are the puggles?

You can not judge a dog by his or her breed. The intelligence of a dog is based on the dog him or her self, rather than their breed.

What type of dog is best off the lead?

The type of dog does not matter it is all about how well trained they are although you may want to get a smart dog so hopefully it will learn faster. If you want a smart dog I would steer clear of Maltese and cocker spaniels as they seem to not be as smart as say a lab or a golden retriever. So basically the type of dog doent really matter.

Are boxers smart?

Boxers are an intelligent breed of dog.

How smart are German shepards?

they are the smartest dog ever

How do you say smart dog in spanish?

perro inteligente

How many chromosomes does a dog have in sperm or egg?

it is not smart

How do you sat smart dog in Japanese?

atama inu