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Q: How social work profession can contribute to improve social welfare to least developed countries?
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Does globalisation improve living conditions in less economically developed Countries?


How did James Watt contribute to the Industrial Revolution?

He developed a steam engine that could be used for manufacturing.

What is one way that developed countries help underdeveloped countries to improve their economic?

They can teach undeveloped countries how to use the resources available in their own lands to benefit their population.

What did teachers do to improve the standing of their profession?

They standardized education

How educated is the population?

It depends on which country you are looking at. Some of the developed countries require children to stay in school to the age of 16, while other leave at 11 and in some countries children get little to no schooling at all. After school many people in developed countries go on to further education (in the UK about 40% of school levers study for degrees) while in other countries graduate degrees are less commonly studied for. The important thing to keep in mind is that a educated population is one that can contribute to the development and running of their country, it should be the goal of all governments to improve the education of their citizens. Many developed countries have provided places in their universities for citizens of foreign countries to attend in the hope that when these people return home they will help to promote education and contribute towards the educational goals of their homelands, thus improving the educational standards across the whole planet.

How did you contribute to a group research?

to improve my knowledge

How do you contribute information to WikiAnswers?

press improve or click answer(:

What did teachers do to improve the standing of their profession in the progressive era?

they opened techer colleges

How can you contribute to your company?

I think everybody can contribute in the companies. Why not? People should find out the way to improve their work.

Why do you think we have less economy in the Philippines?

The Philippines is less developed than otter countries because the last president is corrupt and they are hoping for a new government that will improve their country

Why was the compression-decompression device developed?

The active compression-decompression device was developed to improve blood flow from the heart

What is the definition to contribute?

To give, add, deposite, or improve. You know there's, right?