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About half hour if you are already circulating the water.


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Q: How soon after adding muriatic acid can you go swimming?
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How soon can you swim after adding muriatic acid?

You should wait at least 15 minutes before swimming after you add muriatic acid. If you can wait 30 minutes to an hour, it is even better.

How soon after building a brick wall can you clean it with muriatic acid?

Give it a week, and make sure you dilute the muriatic acid.

How do you stop the muriatic acid burn?

If you get Muriatic acid directly onto the skin or any other part of the body run lots of water over itimmediately. especially If the eyes are involved get medical aid as soon as possible

How soon after adding conditioner can you swim?

After adding conditioner, someone is advised to avoid swimming immediately or else it will rinse off. Give conditioner about an hour before swimming again.

How soon after putting 6 gallons of muriatic acid in you swimming pool can you swim?

Muriatic acid is toxic. You need to wait until all the water in your pool turns over and that depends on how many gallons your pool has and how strong your pump is. You are safe by waiting at least 4 to 6 hours with the pump running. And remember: Only add a quarter of a gallon at a time and put it in the deep end of pool.

How soon can you swim after adding pH plus?

It all depends on whether you have had swimming lessons, but I would guess very soon.

Will muriatic acid ruin your colored morter?

No it only eats away at the very surface as soon as it is rinsed of it is harmless. any residue is quicly converted to salt and water

How soon can you swim after adding sulfuric acid?

It will mix very quickly so you can swim immediately. However what are you putting sulphuric acid in your pool for you should be using hydrochloric or mercuric acid

I have heard that you can use muriatic acid and bleach in your swimming pools and you dont have to use any other chemicals is this true and if so how is it done?

Yes and no. There are other chemicals involved. You need to get a pool chemistry booklet or a swimming pool book soon before the pool gets ahead of you. You may be in over your head until you get someone to show you how to maintain a pool because it is not only the chemistry but the equipment maintenance also. Ken

If using muriatic acid do the fumes rise or stay near the ground without air movement?

== == While the fumes of muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid - HCl) are slightly heavier than air, the oxidation reaction is highly exothermic. The acid fumes will react with things in air, and generate heat. The heat generated causes gases to rise, so muriatic acid co-oxidant gases will fill the surrounding space. Fumes also mix quickly without heat due to diffusion. A link can be found below to the Wikipedia post on hydrochloric acid. If you are using concentrated acid in still dry air the fumes will not be too bad however you should stil take care. However if you use the stuf in cool conditions especialy in the morning with mist in the air the area around you will soon become a toxic cloud of acid vapor.

How do you remove fruit stains from concrete?

There are some commercial stain removers like "Gunk"™ that may or may not remove embedded fruit stains. For that, you may have to use Muriatic Acid. This is mean stuff ... try a dilution of 4 to 1 at first (four parts water, one part muriatic acid). Very important when mixing these two solutions: always pour acid into water - never pour water into acid. Muriatic acid cleans by etching the concrete, so you will want a method of rinsing the area off just as soon as the stain dissappears. If the 4 to 1 mix doesn't solve it, try 2 to 1, or as a last result, full strength from the bottle. Please be very careful ... the fumes from Muriatic Acid can be deadly.As always, with any chemical, protect yourself (eyes, hands, face, etc) ... acid, if it gets onto your clothing or skin will immediately burn and you will require serious medical attention immediately.

How soon after putting muriatic acid in your swimming pool can you swim?

Our pool guy comes in the early afternoon/late morning every Monday. I check the pool PH around 5 pm, and the readings are all right I would say five hours? That's our pool, though, I would get one of the PH testing kits you can get at pretty much any pool supply store.Hope this helps!Mrs. GregoryAnswerOur pool installer told us to wait 3 hours after adding acid to the pool. We use the liquid form, so I don't know if the wait time is different for other forms.

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