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I was totally impatient too. My doctor said that a blood test would show positive 10 days after conception, and I was dying to know so I went in 10 days after my blue line. The test was negative, I cried and cried, wanted to die for awhile, accepted it, and looked forward to the next month. Then two weeks went by - no period. I was frustrated, figured I'd have to take Provera to bring it on or something. I did a home pregnancy test for the hell of it, and lo and behold it was positive! So I jumped the gun. I would recommend that you not take a blood test until you are pretty sure it's 10 days after ovulation. What happened to me was an emotional roller coaster! I also tested negative on a blood test, approx. 10 days after conception. I still had a hunch that I could be pregnant, even though everyone else tried to convince me that the tests don't fail. It turns out that maternal instict is stronger and I was indeed pregnant. Believe in yourself and your instincts. My doctor told me that a blood test could test for hcg 3 days after conception. I went into the doctor's office for a bladder infection. He asked me if there was any possibility I could be pregnant because if so then my presciption would change. I wasn't sure so he tested me anyways. It came back negative. A month later I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant, meaning that I was two weeks pregnant at the time of the test. So they aren't always right.

I got a positive on my home pregnancy test 9 days after ovulation. I went to get a blood test and it was negative. I have since gotten 5 days of consecutive positive results on 3 different brands of home pregnancy tests.

Depending on what test the doctor uses will depend on the sensitivity. A qualitative test is a basic test ran at most labs and it only gives you a yes or no answer if your pregnant. This test is not as sensitive as most home pregnancy tests are, and it is suggested you wait about a week after your missed period to take it. A quantitative test measures the exact amount of hCG in your system and that can give you results as early as three days after conception, but most doctors will not run this unless you request it, or in the case of a suspected miscarriage.

My doctor told me that I probably tested too early and that I should wait a week after my missed period. Until then I will continue to test each morning, but in the past 5 days the results have gotten stronger and stronger. I don't think there's really a doubt that I am, cannot imagine getting like 15 false positives on three brands.

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Q: How soon after conception is a doctors blood test accurate?
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How soon can a blood test show you are pregnant?

Blood tests may show that you are pregnant as little as seven days after conception. Most doctors will only do one if you have missed a period which is 14 days after conception. Hi, A Quantitative blood test can show if you're pregnant 5-7 days after you think conception may of taken place.

Could you be pregnant if your period is a week late?


Could the blood test be too soon ovulated July 1 blood test negative July 13 is that too soon for a blood test?

14 days after conception is the earliest

How soon can a quantitative blood test indicate that you are pregnant?

A blood test can give results 7-12 days from conception.

How soon can you take a blood test?

You can take a blood test 3 weeks after conception. Talk to you doctor to see when the appropriate time would be.

How soon a blood test will detect pregnancy?

Depending on the lab and the pregnancy, it can sometimes pick it up 10 days after conception.

What decides your blood type?

machines tell you your blood type and you could go to the doctors and they take your blood and they test it and they would soon send you the results.

How soon after ovulation does it take to know you are pregnant?

You can know as soon as 10 days after conception, but only through a blood test given by your doctor. Most doctors recommend waiting to see if you miss your period, you can then take a hpt and later go in for a doctor appt. to have that test confirmed if it is positive. Most doctors will not even see a women that thinks that they are pregnant until they would be about 8 weeks pregnant.

How soon would I have to do an HCG test to have a definite result if I had ET of 1 blastocyst on 6th day of embryo implantation?

Hello, It depends on what method of testing for HCG you're using. If this is a urine test then the answer is no. If this is a blood test, then 7 days after conception you will have a very accurate result.

Can you still be pregnant with a negative blood test?

It's very rare as the blood test is the most accurate. However if it was done too soon it could be false. They are considered accurate 10-14 days after ovulation.

How soon can you know if you're pregnant?

2 weeks after sex at the earliestHi,There are two ways of determining if you are pregnant.1) You can have a specialised blood test performed 5 days after suspected conception which is known as the Quantitative beta hcg blood test.2) You can perform a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after intercourse and the result will be accurate.

Can you still be pregnant even with a negative blood test?

It's very rare as the blood test is the most accurate. However if it was done too soon it could be false. They are considered accurate 10-14 days after ovulation.

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