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How soon after missed period should you take pregnancy test?


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The day of your missed period if your worried about being pregnant.

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3 days after a missed period

You should wait fourteen days after intercourse or the day of your expected period.

Usually a week before your missed period.

Five days after a missed period

5 days before your missed period

2weeks before your missed period

Taking a pregnancy test seven days before a missed period won't be accurate.

You should take a pregnancy test shortly after your missed period. That is when a home pregnancy test is most effective. Although I have heard you can do a blood test at the doctor as soon as 2 weeks before your missed period.

2 weeks or after the missed period.

By the time your period is a week late, your hCG level should be high enough to detect a pregnancy.

Your first sign of pregnancy is typically your missed period. Symotoms, such as breast changes, begin to occur within the week of your missed period or it could eve be 1-2 weeks after the week of your missed period.

As soon as your missed period. Blood tests can be taken even before.

Usually after your missed period. You will just have to hang tight until you miss your period. I know it will he hard to do.

Yes. It depnds on how soon the pregnancy test was done after a 'missed' period. The longer after the missed period, the more accurate the results. Some pregnancy tests are designed to detect pregnancy earliesrthan others. A blood test is the most accurate test for pregnancy.

Paragard does not cause missed periods. If you miss a period on Paragard you should take a pregnancy test as soon as possible.No, it's not mormal.I read that if it's late you should see your healthcare provider because you might be pregnant.

Yes it is, you should take the test at the earliest which is 5 days before a missed period. 5 days before a missed period? how is she going to know her period is not going to come ahead of time? I would wait until the period doesnot come to take the test or only take it before the period if you believe you are having an unwanted pregnancy.

You should wait until you have missed your period before you take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and you still have not gotten your period within a week, take another test.

The recommended time to take an over the counter pregnancy test is 5 days after your missed period.

they say a week after your missed period for the best results

Yes definitely. Pregnancy symptoms can start as soon as 7 days after unprotected sex.

This is often the first sign of pregnancy and can happen before a missed period in some women due to increase in progesterone.

with an hpt 5 days before your missed period.... or get a hcg blood test by your doctor

Store bought pregnancy tests (OTC) are most accurate at the beginning of the missed period.

10 days for blood test and 14 days for Home pregnancy test. Well it could vary but this is the most likely when pregnancy can be detected. After you missed your period the home pregnancy SHOULD work if you were pregnant. Good luck.

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