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One to two weeks after If you dont hear from them within one week do a follw up call and tell them you wanted to check your status with them Some Jobs may take longer depending the employer and how many people are appling Hope this help

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Q: How soon after the interview should you expect to hear from the employer?
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Approximate time to hear back from a Job Interview?

Expect to hear back anywhere between 1 day - 1 week

What to say after the job interview is over?

Ask when you can expect to hear from them, verify that they have your contact info, and thank them for their time.

How long should one wait to follow up on a preliminary interview if you have not gotten a definite 'yes' or 'no'?

It is best to ask just before leaving an interview, "when can I expect to hear from you?" or something along those lines.Otherwise, give them a call about 6 working days after the interview.

When should you contact a potential employer after you have had your first interview?

It is best to ask in the interview the likely timeframe for them to get back to you, but if it is too late for that then consider calling them if you have heard nothing in 2-3 weeks after the interview. It will depend on the type of job, urgency of filling the position, and the number of candidates, so this is by no means a hard and fast figure. When you call, make it clear that you are still interested in the position and that you would like to know when you can expect to hear back. Don't sound pushy, just keen!

After an interview with a potential employer do they call you if you don't get the job they gave me business card and said I should hear from them soon?

No, potential employers hardly ever bother to phone people to tell them that they didn't get the job, they only phone the people who did get the job. If you don't hear from them, just move on and apply somewhere else.

What does it mean to develop your message as you prepare for an interview?

the message an employer needs to hear is a combination of skill and how well an applicant meets or exceeds the expectations for a particular job and company

How long after second interview to get result?

There is no set amount of time to wait after the second interview before you get the result. It will depend on how many people were being interviewed and when all the interviews were scheduled. You can expect that it might take a week to 10 days before you hear anything.

How long do a wait to hear from Nordstrom after the phone interview?

If you dont get offered a second interview at the end of the phone interview, you didn't get the job.

How long should you wait before you call the hiring manger to see if i got the job?

After your interview you should wait about a few days to a week if you don't hear anything by then you should give them a call.

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How do you answer ' How did you hear about us' in a job interview?

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How long does UCF take to findout if you got in?

You should expect a 2 week wait to hear if you were excepted into UCF college. Most of the time you will hear back before then but it never takes more than 2 weeks.

What should you do to to follow up an interview?

In most cases, following a job interview you just wait to see if the prospective employer will get in touch with you. It is not necessary to call them back later and ask if you got the job. If you got the job, they will tell you. It is not likely that they have lost your phone number. This doesn't mean that you have to just do nothing while waiting to hear the news. The best strategy is to just keep looking for work until you succeed. While waiting to hear the results from a job interview, you can go out and have other interviews. Of course, it then becomes possible that more than one job offer will result, but that is OK too; you just choose the offer you like the best, and decline the other one.

Tell me about a problem you had with a supervisor?

This is a tricky job interview question. Interviewers do not want to hear you bad-mouthing a supervisor. You should use a problem and show how you turned it into a positive experience.

Flight attendant interview?

The flight attendant interview is mainly about desire for travel and why you would represent the airlines well as a flight attendant. The questions are similar to those you would hear in a customer service type of interview.

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How do you answer why you left your last job?

"Why did you leave your last job?" You should always address an interview question with honesty. However, you should also always try to frame your honest answer in the most positive way possible. For example, if you felt underappreciated and underpaid at your last job, instead of ranting about your overbearing boss and underappreciative corporation, you might say that your prior work didn't allow you to grow professionally or intellectually and didn't offer advancement opportunity. Always keep in mind that your interviewer is looking for a positive, motivated, hardworking candidate. No potential employer wants to hear your gripe about a prior boss or talk poorly about a previous employer. She or he wants to hear about your potential as a superstar at the position you are seeking.

Rock Your Sales Job Interview?

A sales position is a wonderful opportunity for anyone wishing to control his or her income. If you have come far enough to have an interview with a company for a sales position, you want to give that interview the best effort you can possibly give. You do not want just to attend your sales job interview. You want to rock your sales job interview. The following are tips on how to knock the socks off your potential employer:Speak NumbersIf you have sales experience, it would be beneficial if you can tell your potential employer about your accomplishments. Employers love to hear numbers, so speak about how you met your sales goals in previous positions. Also, express how you are going to exceed your quota in the new position and provide numbers that will put a smile on the manager's face. Sales equal dollars for your potential employer. If you can make your interviewer think you will make him money, then he will be eager to add you to the sales team.Show ConfidenceConfidence is one of the most important qualities of a good salesperson. While you are in your interview, you must display to the interviewer that you have confidence in your ability. Speak loudly and clearly. Do not fidget as it implies that you are nervous. Make direct eye contact. Your body language will tell the employer whether you are aggressive enough to grab hold of the consumer's interest and persuade him or her to buy products and services.Sell YourselfIf you are interviewing for a sales position, then you need to sell yourself. If you can sell yourself, then you can sell anything an employer has to sell. The objective for you is to convince the employer that you are a better product than everyone else who has applied for the position. You must make him or her believe that you will work harder and sell faster. Pretend that the potential employer is a customer and do everything you can to persuade the interviewer to buy you today. You might walk out of the interview with a new job as a salesperson.Be PersistentIf the employer does immediately hire you and does not contact you in two or three days, call back and remind him or her about your interview. Persistence is another quality that marks a good salesperson. The employer may be testing you to see if you will make a move after the interview. Show the interviewer you have what it takes by calling.

Who was Adam Lambert's girlfriend?

Adam Lambert does not have a girlfriend. He came out in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He was quoted as saying, ""I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay."

Perfecting the Phone Interview?

When participating in a phone interview, a person needs to take a few steps in preparation. Phone personality, background noise and distractions are some things that need to be thought of ahead of time. Phone interviews are just as important as in-person interviews; they just require a few additional steps. Phone Personality Due to the lack of face to face interaction, an interviewer needs to be assured of a person’s intentions, seriousness and honesty. Normally, in a face to face interview, the employer reads a person’s body language, facial expressions and reactions to get to know them better. Without the face to face time, an employer can only go on personality conveyed through voice interaction. If there are long pauses in conversation, an employer cannot tell if the person is pausing to think or what is going through their mind. Therefore, communication is a must. If the opportunity arises and is appropriate, laughter is a great way to help the employer to feel the person is relaxed and confident. Remember, the employer cannot hear your smile. Background Noise Background noise should be kept to a minimum. There are several reasons for this. Excessive noise can result in both parties not being able to completely hear the other. While an employer is always looking for multi-taskers, background noise tells the employers they do not have the person’s undivided attention. Dishes clanking, dinner cooking on a stove, flushing toilets, running faucets all tell the employer you are too busy to stop for them. During a phone interview, employers need to be reassured they have your attention for the entire call. Distractions Distractions are almost always inevitable. However, during a phone interview, they should be kept to a minimum. If a call comes in while on the phone, switching the line over to the other caller might just eliminate the person as a potential candidate. An employer gets a good idea of how well a candidate can focus during phone interviews. Phone interviews are not only convenient, but it gives an employer a sense of how well an employee multi-tasks. It also shows how focused a person can be. Too many distractions send the wrong message. Taking the time to prepare for a scheduled phone interview can mean the difference in a successful interview and being turned away.

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