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My period stopped after my 4th month of pregnancy

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Yes, if you have your periods. A female can become pregnant as soon as she starts having her periods and is having intercourse. The youngest female to become pregnant was only five years old.

no it is not hard cause your hormones change as soon as you are trying to become pregnant. coming off birth control is a better and faster way to get pregnant cause your hormones are controlled in the way that your periods are normal so it makes it alot easier.Type your answer here...

As soon as you're back in regular periods again you can get pregnant.

When your pregnant you miss 10 months of periods but as soon as you give birth you are back to odd premenstrals again. Hope this helps

As soon as you start having periods as a female you are capable of becoming pregnant.

As soon as you are old enough to have periods you are old enough to get pregnant. The probability of getting pregnant varies with where you're at in your rhythm, but periods aren't reliable enough for that to protect you against pregnancy. If you don't want to become a parent, get real contraceptives and learn to use them right.

you could be pregnant if not using protection while having sex, or your body is telling you that your period is soon to be coming.

Yes as soon as you start puberty you can become pregnant

I know about the pill. I have know women (not many) that have gotten pregnant while on the pill, but as soon as they got pregnant they no longer had any periods. I hope that this helps:)

They told me that is much easier to get preg the second and third time around.If your periods are regular again , and are ovulating, then there is a good chance. Hope this helps.

You can know the pregnancy status before the due date of periods. It is expensive. There is no advantage to know it before ten days of missed periods.

as soon as a female has her first menstruation she can become pregnant

Yes, females periods are starting earlier and earlier so as soon as that starts they are able to get pregnant.

The next month- as soon as your body is able to ovulate again. I had a miscarriage in July and got pregnant in August. With TWINS! :)

A woman can become pregnant in a few hours. This process can also take a few days. This depends on the woman and her eggs.

as soon as she stops producing eggs

There is no use of finding soon that you are pregnant. If you want pregnancy, you will take nine months to get the baby. If you do not want the baby, it is better to terminate the pregnancy after 15 days of missed periods. There are rather expensive tests, which will tell you about the pregnancy as soon as the pregnancy gets implanted. That is one week before your expected periods or 8 days after conception.

people have actually become pregnant while on their period, so any time really, you should always use protection.

you will start your periods soon. you will start your periods soon.

Yes, you definitely can become pregnant after coming off your birth control. You can become pregnant the very first time you have sex...assuming you are close to/at the age of menstruating. You can also get pregnant if you stop using the pill, engage in heavy petting near your vaginal opening without any protection, have the man 'withdraw' prior to ejaculation, after having an IUD removed. It is an individual situation in regards to how prepared your own body is to coceive, but unless you are actively, properly using some reliable method of birth control, you CAN become pregnant. Please be careful.

it has not yet been released but it is coming soon =]

yes, as soon as you hit puberty and you get your period your fertile and get pregnant at any time if you don't use protection

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