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How soon before you get the linea nigera down your lower abdomen?

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What is the name of the brown line down the middle of stomach when pregnant?

The brown line that some pregnant women get down the middle of the lower abdomen is called the linea nigra.

What part of the stomach is more vulnerable when getting hit-the upper abdomen or lower abdomen?

lower abdomen

Why do you get a pain on your lower right abdomen 2 weeks before your period?

It can be caused by mittelschmertz, which is pain from ovulation.

Where is the gut?

It is in your lower abdomen.

Will there be a prickling pain in the lower abdomen in early pregnancy?

I had a prickling pain in my lower abdomen during the early stages of my pregnancy.

What is at the lower left of the abdomen?


What cause your lower abdomen hurt?


Where is your apendex?

Lower right quadrant of the abdomen.

Entire lower portion of the abdomen?


What do you mean by abdomen?

lower stomach area.

What if your feel pressure in your lower abdomen?


Is heaviness in the lower abdomen is a sign of pregnancy?


Where is the intestine in the human body?

In the lower abdomen.

What causes burning sensation on lower right side of abdomen near liver?

a burning sensation on the lower right side of the abdomen near the live? :)

Where is location of liver?

Right side of the abdomen, under the lower ribs extending into the abdomen at the bottom

Is feeling sleepy tired hungry and lower abdomen cramp sigins of early pregnancy?

It can be but take a test. I get that way before I get my period.

Does your lower back and lower abdomen hurt during early pregnancy?

mine did

Could you be pregnant if you have a line on your lower stomach down to your pubic hair?

The dark line is called a "linea nigra"

What is the hollow organ located in the lower abdomen?

The stomach

Can the lower abdomen have a temperature in early pregnancy?


Why do you have pain in your lower left quadrant of your abdomen?


Refers to the entire lower portion of the abdomen?


What body region is the head in?

Lower abdomen region

What region of the body is the kidneys located?

Lower abdomen.

Can gallstones be felt in the right lower abdomen?

No. They can not be felt there.