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Hiya! A increase in HCG through a blood test can be detected by a Quantitative blood test, 42 hours after being previously tested.

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Q: How soon can an increase in the HCG be detected in a positive pregnancy blood test?
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Can an ectopic pregnancy come back positive on a blood test?

Yes, it can. It is still a pregnancy, and does increase HCG levels

Could a yeast infection cause a pregnancy test to be negative even if you are pregnant?

No. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your Urine. A pregnancy test will only become positive when HCG has been detected in your Urine. If it does not become positive then no HCG has been detected. Test in a week and if it is still negative then see your doctor for a blood test or confirmation.

What if your hcg level is to low to detect pregnancy?

Pregnancy can also be detected through a blood test

What does weak positive pregnancy blood test mean?

weak pregnancy blood test mean the pregnancy is liable to abort

Is it possible to have a false positive home pregnancy test and blood test?

If your blood test came back positive then it is positive.

You have had 3 positive blood pregnancy tests and one negative home pregnancy test which was taken after the first positive blood test was reported what does this mean?

It means that either the blood tests were wrong or the home pregnancy test was wrong

What causes a urine pregnancy test to be positive and a blood pregnancy test to be negative?

good pee, bad blood.

What does having an o positive blood type mean?

The O positive blood type has two charateristics, no trace of A or B blood antigens and a positive Rh factor. Positive Rh factor can be an issue during pregnancy, however doctors usually test for blood types during pregnancy. If this is an issue, a Rh shot will be given to the mother for a healthy pregnancy.

How soon after intercourse can pregnancy be detected?

10 days for blood test and 14 days for Home pregnancy test. Well it could vary but this is the most likely when pregnancy can be detected. After you missed your period the home pregnancy SHOULD work if you were pregnant. Good luck.

Positive pregnancy result 5 days later bleeding and negative result week later yolk like mucus could you be ovulating again so soon?

You need to confirm the positive pregnancy test result with your Doctor. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Pregnancy does cause a increase in vaginal discharge.

If you had a blood test done not for pregnancy would it be detected anyway?

Yeah, i think so.

If you had 3 positive pregnancy tests then a negative and started bleeding and having abdominal pains and then a blood test was negative were you ever pregnant in the first place?

It really depends on how long after the bleeding you had the blood test. If you had the blood test within 5 days after the bleeding and it was negative then its possible you wasnt pregnant. But if you had the blood test less than 5 days after the bleeding and it was negative, then you was not pregnant. But a pregnancy test should only go positive when HCG has been detected and this is only during pregnancy.

Can you have a positive blood pregnancy test and not be pregnant?

The chances of that happening are very low as false positive pregnancy tests are very rare

Can you still be pregnant if your blood test comes out negative?

If the blood test is done too early in the pregnancy, the pregnancy won't be detected. If the blood test was done by a doctor, then he/she knows to do it and obtain an accurate result.

What is a early hcg beta test result?

A beta hcg is a blood test given in early pregnancy to measure the quantity or amount of hcg, the pregnancy hormone. This test can be done as early as a week after ovulation, even before a positive hpt. The result or number of hcg detected will vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy.

Can Urinary track infection causes fake positive result of pregnancy blood test?

No, UTI does not cause a false positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are very specific to hCG (the pregnancy hormone), if the test reads positive you are pregnant.

Does a pregnancy blood test say negative or positive?


Can a positive outcome for a blood test result ever be wrong?

Hello. A positive pregnancy blood test is never wrong. Congratulations.

Are you pregnant if you're 48 days late and have had two positive home tests and two negative blood tests?

Hello. The two positive home pregnancy tests mean HCG has been detected in your urine. When HCG has been detected this is a strong indication that you are pregnant. The blood test over rules the result of the home pregnancy test and means you're not pregnant. BUT if the blood test was a Qualiative then there is a possibility it was negative because you are not as far along into your pregnancy as you suspected. Go back to your doctor and ask for a QUANTITATIVE BETA HCG pregnancy blood test - this test is highly accurate and measures the amount of HCG in your blood unlike the Qualiative blood test which just gives you a yes or no answer. You will need to write down the name of this test as it can easily be mistaken for the qualiative one. Remember QUANTITATIVE. Good luck. :o)

Does pregnancy increase the risk of palsy?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, yes, pregnancy does increase the risk of cerebral palsy, but not pregnancy alone. Factors during pregnancy play a large role. Issues such as infections during pregnancy, blood diseases, ,acterial meningitis, and lack of oxygen to the fetus can increase chances. Pregnancy will not increase the chance of palsy within the mother.

Can o negative person s blood change to o positive during pregnancy?

No, blood can't change type during pregnancy.

How long can a pregnancy go without out being detected on a Home Pregnancy Test?

That all depends on how much of the hormone is being produce. I know women that have never had a positive home pregnancy test. It only showed up when they had a blood test.

What if your blood group is AB positive and your wife's blood group is O positive She is now in her 30 weeks pregnancy What might be our baby's blood group?

The baby will either be A positive or B positive but the baby's genotype will be AO+ or BO+

How soon will blood test be positive for pregnancy?

Two weeks after conception

Can you still be pregnant if you had an irregular period and you have symptoms of pregnancy but a pregnancy test was positive then took another one and it was negative?

It is very rare that a pregnancy test would come up positive if you weren't pregnant, because it detected HGC in your urine. In most cases if a HPT is wrong it comes up negative. If your period was irregular and you had a positive result you are most likely pregnant. I would try another test, or go see a doctor and request a blood test.