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With a home test, you can tell after you've missed your period. With a few kinds, you can get a correct reading a few days before you are supposed to start. Read the box, it will tell you on there what kind it is. Or you can go to a doctor and get a blood test. Blood tests can give you an answer a lot sooner than a urine test.

There is a test called answer that promises results as early as 3 days before the estimated ETA of your period.

After figuring this out myself, I suggest you either take a home pregnany test within 6-12 days from the day you had intercourse or you can simply go to a health clinic and see what they can offer.

I found out I was pregnant 9 days after conception with a home pregnancy test. Although, I am (was - since I am now 4 months pregnant) very slender, and petite. I have read in numerous books and articles that the HCG levels are easier to read at an earlier stage in slender women. This was true for me, but every woman is different.

You can start feeling some symptoms after about two or so weeks, but most likely not after a few days. It takes up to 6 days for implantation to occur and can take a few days for fertilization to occur as well.

Keep track of when your period is due. If it's late, get a home pregnancy test or go to your ob-gyn for a blood test.

You will not start getting a belly until a few months into the pregnancy, so you certainly should not go by looks alone.

There are many tests out there so how soon you can take one varies slightly. It is probably best to wait until the first day of your missed period. However, there are a few out there that promise results up to 4 days before your normal period.

For the most reliable test results, see a doctor for a blood test. If you don't have one or don't want to go to your regular doctor, look up your local Planned Parenthood. They will help you.

a month.

You should at least wait until you're period is about due or at least 5 days before it is due depending on what kind of pregnancy test you buy.

First Response brand claims to detect the earliest, but I found this to be untrue. It varies for each person because hormone levels can vary significantly. I had the best results with the EQUATE (Wal-mart) brand test. I got a positive at 12 days past ovulation, on the day my period was due. Prior to that, First Response had only given me negatives. Try the related link below, it compares the sensitivity of various brands.

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Q: How soon can you find out if you are pregnant?
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