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After filing for your residency you can get it within a month by taking INS papers to Social Security Administration for 1 year permit. Check with your local Social Security Administration to see exactly what documentes are needed from INS.

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Q: How soon can you get a work permit after marrying a US citizen?
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Can an illegal immigrant with a felony record get a work permit after marrying a citizen?

No you should be deported

When you're granted a work permit does that make you a citizen?

No, citizenship is unrelated to a work permit.

Is it easier to get in us with a work visa or marrying a us citizen?


If you entered the country illegally over 20 years ago how can you become a legal citizen without marrying?

In order to become a citizen you would need to take a citizen test. You would need to obtain some sort of work permit to stay in the country.

Does a British citizen need to get a work permit in the UK?

No - a British citizen is automatically entitled to work in the UK

How can you work in England?

If you're not an EU citizen you will need a work permit.

Can a us citizen work in Germany?

yes, you will then have to get a working permit.

You are a Nepal citizen can you apply the work permit?

Please correct your question. Are you asking if you can apply work permit in Nepal or foreign country?

Does an Italian need a work permit in Canada?

As far as I understand it, anyone who is not a Canadian citizen/immigrant/permanent resident, you need a work permit.

Can an illegal person obtain a work permit if she has a US citizen son?


How easy is it for a 50 year old plus british citizen to get a work permit for US?

Is is not very easy to get a permit

Does a US citizen need a visa to visit the UK?

No. A US citizen does not need a visa to travel to the UK as a tourist. If you want to live or work in the UK you will need a residence permit or work permit.

How can you qualify for a national insurance number after marrying a British citizen but before becoming a British citizen?

You must be living in the UK and have a right to work there. As a non-UK citizen, this will mean you will have to have a visa that allows you to work in the country or you must already be a citizen of an EEA country.

Can an American live and work in England?

A US Citizen would need a work permit to live and work permanently in the UK.

Can a non-US citizen with legal work visa adopt in the US?

No, a non legal citizen with a legal work permit can not adopt in the US. The person may adopt once they become a legal citizen.

How do you get a job in UK?

If you're not a British Citizen, you will need to apply for a work permit first.

Can a US business owner put his Canadian girlfriend on his company payrole if she doesn't have a work permit and she doesn't work and only has a student visa?

No, you can't because you would be breaking the law. She has to somehow obtain a work permit in order to do that. You should consider marrying her so she can obtain her green card. No, you can't because you would be breaking the law. She has to somehow obtain a work permit in order to do that. You should consider marrying her so she can obtain her green card.

How do you move to London?

That depends on where you are moving from. If you are not an EC citizen, you will need permission to stay and a work permit.

Does a UK citizen whos married to a jamaican national and living in Jamaica need a permit to work in Jamaica?


You are a work permit holder getting married to a US citizen where do you go from here?

to the church!! wokka wokka!

Will your fiance be required to return to el salvador for us to get married he has a valid work permit?

You should be able to get married in the US, for under a work permit the fiance is legal and has many privileges that a resident or citizen has

Where can a new citizen find work in Canada?

First one would need to obtain a work permit that allows them to obtain a job in Canada. Second, there are several places one can go to find work, such as Citizen and Immigration Canada.

Can an American citizen live in Scotland?

Yes. But he/she probably won't be able to work there without a work permit which isn't all that easy to obtain.

How do you marrying a romanian girl in UK and i am a Pakistani living in England holding a limited work permit?

your answer here mate

Can a illegal immigrant marry a us citizen to get work visa?

Marrying merely for a visa is fraud. Moreover, there is no such thing as a work visa from a marriage. A work visa is available only through an employer.