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Generally speaking, it will be between some two to six weeks; but it can take up to three months (the 'window period') for the immune response to be fully triggered and produce enough antibodies to be detected by the HIV antibody test. If you get a negative test result during the three-month window period, you should ideally repeat the test again three months after exposure. If you have become infected, then you may experience symptoms of HIV seroconversion illness when your immune response kicks in. This illness generally takes the form of a mild fever / sore throat / rash / mild flu-like illness, but can occasionally be severe enough to require hospitalisation. The longer the illness lasts (and the more severe it is) the more likely the untreated patient is to develop AIDS within five years.

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Q: How soon can you tell that you have HIV?
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When does someone have an HIV diagnosis?

As soon as they test positive for the HIV virus.

Will there soon be a cure for HIV?

There probably will not be a cure for HIV in the near future.

How soon can you contract HIV after intercourse?

You can

Can you tell me if you prick your finger with a dirty needle is there a chance of catching HIV?

Only, if the needle has infected blood on it. P.S: If you worry that you have HIV, your mind will attract it and soon you will have HIV so stop worrying and live a clean,careful and a normal life!

How can you tell if you have HIV?

HIV will not show its symptoms until AIDS but HIV can be detected through the detection of our HIV antibody counts which new tests can detect as soon as two weeks after exposure. However, HIV can take up to 3 months before the test can be found positive. The period is called window period

How can you tell if you have an HIV or aids?

when you have hiv you can´t tell if you have HIV or not but when you get aids your whole body weakens and you like feel all lazy..

How can you tell if you are HIV negative?

You must get a blood test to know for sure if you are HIV+ or HIV-.

Can you catch HIV from an HIV patient who is sneezing?

No. HIV dies as soon it it's the air. There is no reason to fear. It can not reproduce outside the body.

How does HIV look?

You cannot tell if a person has HIV by the way they look.

Can you look at a person and tell that they are HIV positive?

no, People that have HIV looks the same. You can't tell by just looking at them.

Why is early diagnosis for HIV infection important?

to prevent the spread of HIV and to begin treatment as soon as possible

How can you believe that you are not having HIV?

See a doctor as soon as possible.

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