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How soon could you flatten your stomach if you did 1000 crunches a day and ate a well-balanced diet?

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2015-07-16 19:32:27
2015-07-16 19:32:27

Very soon. 2-3 weeks.

1000 crunches a day is a lot. If you can do that at all you are in good shape anyway.

yeah seriously, if you can do 1000 good on ya! you don't need to be doing them! i can barely get 400 done on a good day and I've been exercising every day for 3 months

i can do 1,000 crunches a day and I'm only 16.the results are fast, last, and make you feel great!it's not that hard once you get used to it.

ya crunches are easy for me now, i stopped counting cause once i hit 1000 it's pointless, try using different teqniques and add weights if your body weight isn't enough.

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Some exercises you could try to shrink your stomach would be sit up and crunches. Also, eating more protein and eating better overall will help you shrink your stomach.

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Typically any work out could. But running won't affect this region the most. Try crunches and set ups.

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How long it takes to get a flat stomach depends on a variety of factors such as body shape, how much exercise you do and how many calories you consume per day. You would need to follow a strict diet and exercise plan to flatten your stomach, and this could take months if not years.

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it just depends. it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. it depends on how much fat you have there or how much muscle you already have.

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i am 14 years boy . please give steps to doing crunches . how many crunches i could do in a day and how many after my ap comes out ?

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