Lactation and Breastfeeding

How soon do pregnant women lactate?


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In the third trimester, some pregnant women begin to leak colostrum from their breasts. Colostrum is the first milk that your breasts produce for the baby. It is a thick, yellowish fluid containing antibodies that protect newborns from infection.

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Yes you can. It's called induced lactation.

You cannot get a man to lactate. Only pregnant and nursing women are capable of producing milk in their breasts.

it is possible to induce lactation without pregnancy, but it does not happen naturally.

Breasts begin preparing to lactate while the woman is pregnant.

I've read that women can begin lactating as soon as 4-6 weeks into preg, however this is not common. Most woman say mabye a week before due-date or three days after birth.

Yes, but only if they are pregnant

No, only females born female get pregnant. It has to known for men to lactate however.

Absolutely. There are many women who have never had children, aren't pregnant, and even a number on birth control who lactate naturally. there are also certain drugs that can induce lactation.

Yes; it is completely normal.

You cannot "make" a non-pregnant dog lactate, but intact female dogs will sometimes lactate. Dogs retain their corpus luteum, and sometimes have a "pseudo-pregnancy." Pregnancy in dogs cannot be determined by the fact that they are lactating for this reason.

Yes they can have what you call false pregnanices

No. A pregnant heifer will rarely come into heat, and her heat period will only be once or twice during her pregnancy, then stop until after she has her calf. But she will not go into heat and start to lactate at the same time she's bred. She can only either be pregnant and have a small chance of coming into heat, or be pregnant and start to lactate (which only happens when she is nearing the end of her pregnancy).

Yes, there have been studies that a women can produce milk if see thought see was pregnent or really wants a child of her own . Yes. If a woman is taking hormones to control her period or birth control, it can cause the milk glands to produce, or lactate. Some women who have had a child will continue to lactate for some time.

No, only after a baby is born.

Yes. Most women can continue to lactate for many years if they do so regularly manually or with a pump.

I have heard it is possible to lactate when a baby is crying around you (probably something to do with the maternal instinct) but I am not sure and you may want to verify my answer

Right away. Many women miscarry without knowing they are pregnant.

Woman can get pregnant in next menstrual cycle only after abortion.

women can begin to lactate at any age providing she is at the end of her pregnancy or has just given birth. Some women who have breastfed for many years are still known to lactate from time to time.

can a women get a women pregnant

It depends how far along in puberty you are and if you are actually pregnant. You will not normally lactate unless you are pregnant.

As soon as you feel ready ie when you have fully recovered from the surgery you can start trying but to get pregnant is variable between different women.

LActation occurs when the hormone levels change a child birth

No. Cows can be open and still be able to lactate. They must have GIVEN BIRTH to a calf in order to be able to lactate.

No, men cannot get bigger breasts because they use women products. They are for women and women only. It would be dangerous for a man to take that ad hope to have boobs soon. That's almost like saying a man taking birth control.

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