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How soon do you start to show when pregnant think am 7 wks and showing but preg test is Negative?

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March 03, 2007 11:49PM

This is not something you should "think" about, you should get a

test from doctors office, preferably OB/GYN and get started on

prenatal vitamins, which are different then others. A multi daily

vitamin usually suffices but if you more of something else then

they give then the prenatal is the best. You may also need chromium

if you become anemic, which does happen when pregnant because of

the extra blood baby needs during pregnancy. Go to the doctor and

be positive about the pregnancy. Most women don't start to show

until they are about 14-16 weeks, and a test would most likely be

positive at 7 weeks. Get to the doctor and find out what is going


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