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How soon is too soon to kiss a girl Been dating for a month is it too soon im 16?

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2011-09-13 05:22:14
2011-09-13 05:22:14

it depends upon a couple of things my friend.

do you have some sort of compulsion to stay pure till marriage?

what is your purpose for this relationship? are you dating to date, or are you dating to eventually marry whoever you are dating?

in my personal opinion, the purpose of dating somone for any length of time is to figure out if you want to be with them the rest of your life. so, naturally you want to be in a position where it would make sense that this could realistically happen within a 1 to 3 year time span (especially if you are, like me, waiting for marriage to have sex). you usually want to be able to marry somone or find out that you don't want to marry someone within roughly 1000 hours of being with them (that's backed up by TONS of scientific research), which is like i said before, usually within that 1 to 3 year period. so my opinion is that you, being 16, should probably wait to date at all until you could concievably marry soon, not only for purity's sake, but for sheer statistical sake. honestly, the number of high school sweethearts that marry are abysmally low, and even fewer are those who stay married. think about it. you go to college, she goes to college, you both meet new people, and end up changing alot within those years of your life, and most of the time, even if you do end up going to the same school, which many times does not happen, you have no garantee you both will feel the same way about each other. there are alot of factors to consider. think with your noggin, kid, not just your heart.

all that being said, id say stretch things out as long as you can. it ALWAYS means more the more time you've had it build up. TRUST me. learn WHO she is without all of the emotional mess that physical affection brings for as long as you can, because then you wont just be kissing another girl.. you'll be kissing somone who is truly worth it.

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