How soon is too soon to remarry?

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I would give it at least two years. If you say the first marriage lasted two years, and then ended badly, then you need at least that long to determine whether or not a new relationship will even last two years without the stresses of marriage.

I have been happily married for just under a year, but we dated seriously for five years before we decided to get married. I think that was a very good time to get to really know each other, and even still I am learning things about my husband that I never knew.

Make sure you choose the right one before you marry again, it should be for life. Take the time to get to really know the person, then take the big step of marriage.

Good Luck

I wouldn't do it any sooner than a year. A lot of the time you feel an overwhelming feeling of love for someone, then suddenly, out of the blue, it's gone. You want to be sure to date or even live with someone (it is 2003!) and see how compatible you really are. Good luck!

depends on situation, did your first spouse die?, did you get a divorce because of mental reasons like was there abuse, gambling, drugs, infidelity, etc? if so, get some counseling for coping better and better prepare yourself for mentally being ready to trust someone. if a spouse died, then you have a grieving period and that depends on the person. some people get stuck in the pain and end up with the wrong person because they didn't know how to be alone. have you ever been alone and happy? i loved dating and without rush, i met my husband. doing just fine.

Wait at least three years or more before you decide to remarry. You need to date someone a year at least to really get to know them overall and to see if either of you have any major issues (drug problems, abuse, irresponsibility with finances, family arguments).

Take your time and enjoy the relationship. There's really no hurry.

: There is no set time limit for when to remarry, except to say that each state has a set time limit you have to wait after divorce to remarry. Check with your state to see their law on the subject. In my case, time limit was 30 days (Texas law) I met my fiance when he was still in a (bad) 8 year marriage. Both were emotionally checked out of the marriage, but neither had made the move to divorce until after he and I met. The divorce was a long time coming, and had nothing to do with his relationship to me. He was divorced in August, proposed to me in October, and we are going to wed in May. We met in February. Seems fast? There is no doubt in either of our minds that this is the right thing. No doubt that it is too fast. Legally their marriage has ended. No one can tell you how soon is too soon. If they are/you are emotionally ready and thinking rationally (as in, not heartbroken or resentful toward the ex) then proceed as you wish!

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Q: How soon is too soon to remarry?
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