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How soon should you marry someone who was married 13 years and has only been divorced one month?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-02 15:05:35

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I don't know how soon, but way more than a month. They're coming from a 13 year relationship and have only been away for 1 month. You wouldn't want to rush into a marriage and end up getting another divorce.

2006-09-02 15:05:35
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Q: How soon should you marry someone who was married 13 years and has only been divorced one month?
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Do you need to get a divorce if you marry someone who is already married?

You cannot marry someone who is already married - that's called Bigamy ! Assuming YOU are single - THEY would have to get divorced from THEIR spouse BEFORE they could marry you !

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you should marry someone because you love them

Can you marry someone in Europe if you are already married in the us?

No, you can't marry a person anywhere in the world if your first spouse is still alive and not divorced.

Can a Muslim married woman marry a divorced Muslim man?

No __________________________________________________________ No woman; in any God religion; can be married to two men in the same time. According, if the Muslim married woman is divorced, then she can marry a divorced or non divorced Muslam man.

Can a legally married couple marry in the Catholic Church?

If the couple is legally married and were not previously divorced, they SHOULD have their marriage blessed by the Church.

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You cannot marry until legally divorced.

Can a divorced daughter of a Cohen marry a divorced man under the chuppah?

I am not a Jewish law decider but I will say what I think is true: 1. The chuppah is irrelevant - if they can get married they can get married anywhere and if they cant get married they cannot get married anywhere. 2. The restrictions of who a Cohen can marry only apply to a male Cohen, not female. Thus she can marry a divorced man and may they be blessed with children and happiness, and may all people find someone to live out their days happily with.

You want to marry a Catholic woman and you are divorced and non Catholic?

The Church will not marry a Catholic to someone who is divorced because it is a sin.

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devorsed means when a married couple no longer like each other and they get devorsed so they can marry someone else.

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If your already married when your remarrying someone else will your marriage be legal after your divorced from your first husband or wife?

If you are still married when you marry your new spouse the second marriage will not be legal. Even if you divorce your first spouse during your second marriage, it will still not be legal. You have to be divorced BEFORE you marry again.

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How can a lady become legal wife of a person who is married to someone else before her?

This person can legally marry her as long as he is legally divorced from his first wife.

How does one get married for a second time when not divorced from first marriage?

you HAVE to get divorced from your first marriage in order to marry again

Is it legal to marry if you are not divorced?

It is illegal to marry someone else if you are not divorced from a previous spouse. The charge is bigamy. Also, the second marriage would be invalid.

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Can a Catholic not married in the Catholic church but divorced with a child from the marriage marry a Catholic in the church?

You should be ok. Many of them welcome all and don't bar anyone in particular from marrying in the Church provided you can afford the service. If you were baptized Catholic and married in a civil ceremony with no church approval at that time, and divorced, you can marry in the Catholic Church. Your new spouse has to meet guidelines, however; for example if he/she was married in the churchas Catholic and divorced he cannot marry you unless his first marriage was annulled.

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What is it called when some one is married then they marry again with out getting divorced?