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Preferably, wedding gifts should be given just before or just after the ceremony. If you cannot attend the wedding, it's always best to err on the side of caution and send the gift by post (and insure it if it's valuable!) so that it arrives at least two days before the wedding is to take place. However, don't send a gift right after you receive an invitation -- just in case the wedding is postponed, or even cancelled.

If you will be attending the wedding, on most occasions there will be a reception table where you can place the gift.

Contrary to some beliefs, it's not polite to wait up to a year after the wedding to get the couple a gift. At best, if you're not able to give your wedding gift before or during the wedding, try not to wait more than three months after the ceremony to give the new couple your heartfelt present.

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Q: How soon should you send or give a wedding gift?
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Must you give a gift if not attending the wedding?

If you were not invited then no, you do not have to give a gift. If you were invited, but couldn't make the wedding then yes, you should send a wedding gift.

Do you give a gift for a wedding if you are traveling?

If you were invited to the wedding and can't make it because of traveling plans then yes, when you get back you should send the couple a wedding gift.

Should I send a gift if I can't attend the wedding?

Etiquette states that if you are invited to a wedding and cannot make the wedding you send a wedding gift. It can be monetary or a gift mailed.

Is it proper etiquette to send a wedding gift if you are not on the guest list?

If you have not been invited to the wedding then you should not send a gift.

If invited to a wedding are you obligated to send a gift?

It is meant as a privilege not an obligation for a guest to be honored enough to attend the wedding so yes, they should bring a gift. If the guest is unable to attend the wedding they should still send a gift.

If you don't get a wedding invitation should you send a gift?

I don't think you should if you weren't invited to the wedding. In polite society, gifts are NOT to be expected. If you want to send a gift it is up to you whether you get an invitation or not.

Do you buy a gift for the wedding shower hosts?

* No, the host is giving the wedding shower for the bride and the bride is the only one that should receive a gift. If you are the bride and feel you want to give them something then send flowers or send a thank you card to show your appreciation.

Do the bride's parents send a wedding card to the newly wedded couple?

No they just give them a big wedding gift

Should I ask my two good friends if they sent my son a wedding gift?

If your friends live out of town then you can ask and tell them you apologize, but with the way the mail service is you wanted to be sure if they did send a gift that you wanted to be sure to let them know you got it. If your friends live near you then 'no' you do not ask if they have sent your son a wedding gift. Sometimes people send wedding gifts on the late side. Your son and his bride should know by the wedding cards if they received a gift from your two friends or not. If your friends weren't invited to the wedding then it is up to their own discretion to give a wedding gift or not.

Is it necessary to give a gift if not attending wedding?

depends,No but U can send a message-wishes

If you decline a wedding invitation do you still need to send a gift?

* If you know the couple fairly well and had to decline for a good reason then yes, etiquette steps in here and you should send them a wedding gift. You could send them a wedding card with a gift certificate in it to one of the stores that they are registered at. You can get this information from the bride's mother.

How soon before my wedding should I send out the Wedding Invitations?

Idealy, you should send out your invitations about six weeks before your wedding. This will give your guests time to prepare for the wedding. You can also send save-the-dates before your wedding invitations.

If you are invited to a wedding and do not attend Should you still send a gift?

It would be the polite thing to do.

If you are invited to a wedding shower but cannot attend are you still required to send a gift?

* It is poor etiquette not to send a gift. You could send the gift with a friend that is going or drop it off a few days after the wedding shower (just in case it's a surprise for the bride to be.) A card should be attached to the gift and inside you should let them know you are sorry you could not attend, but send your best wishes (or love.)

Can a bachelor party be counted as a wedding gift?

No, even though you are giving the bachelor party you should still send a wedding gift. Since you are the host of bachelor party, you can give a small wedding gift though. A set of towels, an oven dish, or kitchen kit with hot pads and dish towels would be good.

Is it OK to send a wedding gift to the groom's house?

You generally send a wedding gift to the bride's home and the address where gifts are to be sent is the return address on the envelope re the wedding invitation.

Is a gift required for an announcement of a wedding that already took place and you were not invited?

No. Just send a card. Give a gift only if you really feel like it.

Can you send a check for wedding gift?

Absolutely. Checks were my favorite wedding gifts.

Which location is a good 25th wedding anniversary gift for my parents?

For their 25 the wedding anniversary, you should send your parents on a honeymoon vacation in the Caribbean. Or, send them on a wonderful and dreamlike cruise to Europe.

What is the appropriate time frame to send wedding gift thank you notes?

Its should be immediate after the marriage ceremony ends

If the parents extend a wedding invitation and you have no address for the bride should you send the gift to the home of the parents?

AnswerIf was not done by a formal invitation, in print and sent through the mail, you are not obligated to send anything at all. Usually, the return address will be on the reply envelop so you could send something if you choose to. When a oral invitation to a wedding is given its usually an after thought and I find it highly insulting, sometimes people do that to fish for a gift. IF you do choose to send a gift, the proper thing would be is to find out from the parents where the daughter will be residing after getting married and send the gift there because you dont send a gift before a wedding, its after you know that the wedding actually occurred and curiously, have you been invited to the bridal shower as well? That too should tell you of their considerations for you.

If you don't go to a wedding do you send gift?

If you are invited to a wedding it is normal (but should not be expected or compulsory) to give the newlyweds a gift to help them start off their married life. If you are not attending the wedding but are friends (or family) of the couple (they are dear to you) then a gift is still a nice gesture (they may not be able to afford a big wedding so do not be insulted if you are not invited). If you hardly know the couple then sending them a card will be fine. Finally, at a wedding the focus should be on the ceremony of the marriage not the gifts or the party, maybe we are becoming too materialistic!

Are the volturi coming to Bella and Edwards wedding in breaking dawn?

No, they do not attend the wedding but they do send a gift.

When do you send a wedding gift if you are not attending the wedding do you do it at the same time you mail the RSVP or closer to the wedding date?

It is only etiquette that when you have been given the honor of attending a wedding and for some reason you can't make it then you should send the RSVP back as soon as possible and that you are sorry you are unable to attend. Two weeks before the wedding (if you live out of town) then send the wedding gift to the bride's parent's home and addressed to the bride and groom as Mr. & Mrs. John Doe (example.)

What is the proper way to regret a wedding shower?

You can telephone the hostess (do not email them as they may not have time to check their emails) and let them know you cannot make the wedding shower. However, you should send a gift and you can either send it with a friend or drop it off at the home of the hostess giving the wedding shower. If you live out of town then you can mail a gift.