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How soon will an eviction show on your credit report?

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It should not take too long. Less than a year. * Evictions are not entered onto credit reports unless they are perfected into judgments resulting from a civil suit.

2006-09-10 14:06:15
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Q: How soon will an eviction show on your credit report?
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How soon will a bankruptcy discharge show on a credit report?

The bankruptcy itself will show up on reports very soon after it is FILED. The discharge itself is not reported, just the public record of the bankruptcy itself.

Does repossession show on your credit report as soon as the car is taken or after it is auctioned?

It can show at any time. A repossession is compleated as soon as the car is picked up so it does not matter what happens after the repossession it still did happen.

How soon after your chapter 7 is discharged will it be removed from your credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows a bankruptcy to show for 10 years from the "date of entry of the order for relief or the date of adjudication". This refers to the legal item which appears in the public record portion of a credit report. Any tradelines that were included in bankruptcy, which are the accounts listed in the report, will be shielded from view after 7 years.

How soon does your credit report update when something is deleted?

1 year after the entry was made

How soon will a new car purchase show on your credit report?

The purchase of a car is not shown on a credit report. The only item that might show would be an account wherein a consumer borrowed money secured by a car. If no money was borrowed, there would be no listing. If a loan was obtained, whether or not the loan shows on your CR would be at the discretion of the lender. Some lenders are members of various Credit Reporting Agencies, some are not.

How long will bankruptcy stay on Credit report in UT?

Technically it can stay on 10 years since it is a public record. However, with persistance you can have it deleted almost as soon as it goes on your credit report. Look at credit boards dot com

If you are refinancing your home loan and including your car in it to show that it was paid off on your credit report how long will the car take to be removed from your credit report?

Unfortunately, there is no "specific" time period to state. It could appear as soon as 30 days, when and if that creditor updates its reporting to the credit bureau every 30 days or it may never get updated unless you instigate the action.

How soon does the repo go on your credit?

As soon as the report can be filed and notated ... maybe a couple days to a week or two at the most. In this present day and age of technology, it might appear almost instantly. Btw, the bad mark on the credit report will stay there from 7 to 10 years.

What happens to your credit report when you marry?

you both show up on the credit reports as soon as you purchase the first ting together you will start a joint credit history that is very inportaint which will determin what you pay for your home,auto insurance, credit cards and loans,every time you want to buy somthing and are not able to pay cash for.

How can one report identity theft of credit cards?

To report identity theft of credit cards you should do it as soon as you possibly can. First inform the company who you have your credit card with as well as your bank and loan companies. You should also inform your local police department.

What is the meaning of Experian Credit score online?

The Experian credit score is calculated by ones credit reports. This score is also called a 'risk score', which will be delivered as soon as a lender sends a request for ones credit report. In this case 'online' just means that one has online access to ones Experian credit report and score.

How soon can you get a auto repossession off your creditreport?

It will show on your credit report for several years. If you have paid up and nothing more is owed, getting the dealership to add "paid" to the record may help some. Otherwise, if you have the paid receipt, you can send a letter and a copy of the receipt to the three credit agencies and eventually the paid will show up.

Is everyone entitled to just one free annual credit report?

Everyone is entitled to one free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus in a twelve month period. It is advisable that you obtain these reports over the course of the year, which will help you in identifying problems as soon as possible.

What is the normal amount of time from when a car is repossessed to when it shows up on your credit report?

It depends on when the lender reports to the credit bureau companies-- If they showed the repo today on their books and sent their update information to them also today-- then all 3 credit companies will show it today/tomo the latest. If they showed the repo today on their books but they sent the update to all three credit companies two days ago, then the repo will show up next month when they report again. On the other hand, there are lenders that send that information as soon as it happens -- so if you are going to do something do it now but don't be disappointed if it already show.

Can you stop an eviction process if you pay the rent if you already received an eviction notice?

In most states, it depends on how soon you pay, and whether you have been late before.

How long does it take to reflect on your credit report when you pay off a debt?

Depending on how soon the reporting collectipn agency notifies the credit bureau, and then I think the bureaus update the first of the month

How does a foreclosure that has been stopped compare to the foreclosure actually going through on your credit report?

It depends on how soon you stopped it. If a foreclosure is stopped after three missed payments, then It may only show up as a 90 day late. This can be recovered from fairly quickly, as long as the rest of your payments were on time. If the home is actually foreclosed on, it will show as a foreclosure on the trade line and in the public record section. The best way to see how it effects your credit is to get a copy of your report. You can probably get a free copy from one (or all) of the three credit bureaus. Experian Equifax Trans Union

What if someone takes your credit card?

Report it to the card company as stolen, as soon as possible ! You are liable for all transactions on your card - unless you report it stolen. Once reported, your liability for any further transactions ceases.

A Few Great Tips to Repair Credit?

Bad credit is a problem for millions of Americans, but it is easier than you might think to repair credit. Here are a few tips to help you repair your credit so that you can move forward with your live instead of constantly worrying about the debts that were built up in the past.Get a Copy of Your Credit ReportThe first tip is to get a copy of your credit report. It is nearly impossible to repair your credit if you don’t even know what is on your report. Once you have a copy of the report, you will be able to see what negative items are showing up. This will help you know what you need to work on.Dispute Incorrect InformationAfter you know what negatives are on your credit report, the next step to repair credit is to dispute anything that is incorrect. Credit reporting agencies are required by law to verify the information on your report if it is disputed. They have to do this within a certain amount of time or remove the information from your report. Although some people will tell you to dispute everything, there is no point trying to dispute information that you know is valid. It may be removed from your report temporarily, but as soon as the credit agency receives verification, it will be put right back on your credit report.Pay Everything on TimeAll right, this is easier to say than to do, but it is essential. If you want to improve your credit score, the best way to do it is to start paying all of your bills on time. If you have more expenses than income, you’ll need to work to resolve this so that you are able to keep up with your payments. In the meanwhile, you’ll have to prioritize. By looking at your credit report, you can determine which creditors report to the credit bureaus and which do not. Pay the ones that you know will report late payments to the credit bureaus first in order to reduce the chances of accumulating more negatives before you are able to get your budget straightened out.

How long after a bank foreclosure will it take for my credit to re-bound?

It will never rebound!,,,,,,,,,,,,, The only way to have good credit is to build it. It is very easy to have bad credit. ,,,I had A forclosure on my report from an ex. I got A mortgage the next month because I had good report (sounds like repore) with my bank. They knew I was not at fault for the reposession of the house and I had no controll over it.... If you want to rebuild your credit, Start as soon as you feel ready.

If you are an authorized user on your husbands credit cards and you are getting a divorce can you be sued for the balance if he is incarcerated?

No. As an authorized user, you are not legally responsible for his debt. Now, credit score wise, even though you did not create the soon to be bad debt, it still shows up on your credit report.

When do you report injury?

Report an injury in the workplace as soon as possible after it happens.

If you apply for a credit card and get approved but never activate it will it still show up on your credit report?

As soon as you apply and are accepted, you are bound to the terms of that card. So if that card carries a yearly fee and you DO NOT activate it you are still responsible for that charge. Obviously, not paying that fee or any associated charges will resulting in interest compounding and non-payment equals bad credit rating...

Where do you report abuse?

To the cops! As soon as you can!

How soon after you are denied credit must you receive notice both verbally and by letter?

If you are denied credit, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires that the creditor give you a notice that tells you the specific reason your application was rejected or the fact that you have the right to learn the reason if you ask within 60 days. If your credit application was due to information obtained from your credit report, the Fair Cedit Reporting Act requires the creditor to give you the name, address and phone number of the credit reporting agency that supplied the information. The credit reporting agency can tell you what is in your report but only the creditor can tell you why your applicaton was denied.