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Sound waves can travel through gases (air), liquids, and solids. Sound waves travel fastest through solids.

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Travel of sound waves through media other then air?

Answer: Sound waves can travel tthrough air, water and solid surfaces. The only thing that sound waves cannot travel through is void.

Where does sound waves travel?

sound waves can travel in air medium

Can sound waves travel through air?

Yes sound waves can make a sound in the air

How do sound waves travel what do sound waves need in order to travel?

sound waves bounce off of walls. they need air to travel.

What causes sound waves to travel through air?

the vibration of the particles of medium of the sound waves causes the sound waves to travel

Sound waves travel only in the air?

No. They travel through water and solid objects also.

Can sound waves travel only in the air?

No. Sound is vibration, and vibration can travel through almost any medium, but vacuum.

What type of sound wave is produed in violin?

The only sound waves that can travel through air are longitudinal waves, if that's what you mean.

Do sound waves travel at the speed of light?

No, sound waves travel much slower in the medium air.

Why do sound waves travel slower than other electromagnetic waves?

Sound waves are not electromagnetic waves, they are vibrations of air particles thatpropagatethrough the air. Therefore, these waves can only travel as fast as the particles in the air around them allow them to. This is also why sound travels faster in a solid or liquid rather than in a gas as the particles are closer together in a solid, allowing the sound to travel much faster through it.Electromagnetic waves do not travel through this medium and travel at the speed of light (as thats what they are) when in avacuum or in air.

What would happen if air will travel with sound waves?

Sound energy does travel through air.

Where can sound waves not travel?

Sound waves are unable to travel through vacuums. Sound is nothing more than a distruption of air waves that causes vibrations. Since a vacuum has a complete absence of air, sound will not travel throughout.

Sound waves in air?

yes. Sound waves travel in air; that's how our voice travels. sound needs a medium to propagate..air is the medium through which sound waves travel..hence we can hear by the compressions and rarefactions produced.

Do air particles travel with sound waves?

since sound needs a medium for its propagation , it requires air particles to travel along with its waves.

What wave does sound travel in?

Sound (and vibration) waves may only travel in some medium. Such as air, metal and so on. They cannot travel in a vacuum.

Do sound waves or light waves travel faster?

In air, light waves travel about 871 thousand times faster than sound waves.

Why do sound waves travel faster in water than in air?

Sound waves travel faster in substances with higher densities.

Can sound waves travel without a meduim?

No. Sound waves must travel through a medium, such as air, liquid, or a solid.

Does sound can travel in a vacuum?

Sound travels in the form of waves. Sound waves are crated in the air when air molecules vibrate. These vibrating molecules carry energy and that is mechanical energy. So sound waves are mechanical in nature and they can travel only in material medium. For the propagation of sound waves a medium solid, liquid and gas is necessary but in vacuum there is absent of these medium. So sound cannot travel in vacuum.

Sound waves can travel only in the air?

No, because water {and many more} can make sound waves travel because when you're underwater you can hear someone talking to you. -GC

Explain why cant sound travel through vacuums?

there is no air in a vaccum. and sound needs air for the sound waves to travel through.

What is the medium of sound?

Sound waves require a medium to propagate, generally its air. Sound waves cannot travel in vacuum. Sound waves are longitudinal waves.

How do particles of air move when sound waves travels through them?

sound waves move particles of air as they travel through it

How does sound travel through air?

Sound travels because of the sound waves.

What type instrument produce transverse wave?

If you mean sound waves, the only type of sound waves that can travel through air (or any gas, for that matter) is longitudinal waves.

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