How strong is green goblin?

spiderman can lift 10tons but the green goblin can lift a ton less then spiderman so green goblin can lift 9tons unless you mean the green goblin of spiderman 3 that one is able to lift 5tons also the green goblin of spiderman 3 you are actullay ment to call him goblin jr wich means goblin junier that is what i have to say about the green goblin and goblin jr wich means goblin jr exsept goblin jr is good and bad so he is on spidermans side and the green goblins side im sorry i yust never stop talking goodbye and remember goblin jr means goblin junier


Probably stronger than Spiderman! Just watch the first Spiderman movie. Spiderman NEARLY GETS BEATEN by the Green Goblin. I haven't watched it in a while, but I don't even know how Spiderman managed to beat the Green Goblin. In about 3/5 battles and clashes that Spiderman and Green Goblin had in the movie, Spiderman was the one who ended up falling, getting knocked out, bleeding getting his suit torn while Green Goblin keeps laughing and flying in his fancy flying-board.

Yeah, Spiderman had pretty..brutal beginning as a hero. Spiderman's second enemy, Doc Ock wasn't that bad speaking to the fact that he and Doc Ock comprimised and Dock Ock chose to repent of his villanious ways.