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Grizzly smokeless tobacco is probably the second strongest tobacco in the industry. it is referred to as a discount tobacco because it is sold for under 2 dollars a can. The strongest is Copenhagen, but the runner-up is definitely grizzly. Also, Grizzly has a so-called "rating system" which rates the consistency (how well the Grizzly is held together when you put it in) and the freshness. it is ranked on a scale of 0, being the worst, and 11, being the best. You can find it's number rating by peeling back the bar code a little and it's there.

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Q: How strong is Grizzly chewing tobacco?
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What is the strongest type of chewing tobacco?

grizzly wintergreen

How much is grizzly chewing tobacco in Florida?

around $4

What is the best tasting chewing tobacco?

Any type of Grizzly product

Is there sugar in grizzly chewing tobacco?

Yes, tobacco companies add sugar to the tobacco to make the chew more sweet

What kind of chewing tobacco tastes the best?

Grizzly Wintergreen or Mint Longcut!

What are the 5 best selling chewing tobacco's?

Copenhagen snus grizzly skoal woulverine

Numbers by the bar code of grizzly chewing tobacco?

it means 0 is the worst 12 is the best im the owner of grizzly snuff trademark

What are the different types of chewing tobacco?

skoal, grizzly, redman, longhorn, rooster, copenhagen, kayak grape, what it do

What is the name of chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco MECOTE

Can chewing tobacco expire?

Yeah, It Has An Exp. Date On The Bottom, Depending On What Kind It Is. Skoal and Grizzly Have Theirs Printed On The Bottom.

What is the difference between chewing tobacco and cigarette tobacco?

You chew chewing tobacco. You smoke cigarettes. And chewing tobacco is much more addictive.

What is worse chewing tobacco or dipping?

Dipping and chewing tobacco are not the same, dipping tobacco is also known as Moist Snuff (ex: Grizzly, Copenhagen, Skoal) and Chew its loose leaf long stripped tobacco (ex: redman loose leaf tobacco) they both are about the same, both cause dental problems and cancers.

What are the effect of chewing tobacco on body?

effect of chewing tobacco on diebets

Does grizzly wintergreen chewing tobacco have calories?

Yes and no. Physically and chemically, everything has calories, but you wont gain weight from solely dipping.

What is a lump of chewing tobacco?

A lump of chewing tobacco is called a quid. A variant of the word: cud quid - (noun) a lump of chewing tobacco

Can you take chewing tobacco on a cruise?

Yes. Cruises do not ban chewing tobacco.

Tobacco that are not smoked such as chewing tobacco?

smokeless tobacco

What is in dip tobacco?

Slang for chewing tobacco

What is in smokeless tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is called smokeless tobacco

How much sugar is in a can of grizzly chewing tobacco?

There may be some sugar in your snuff, but none of it is actually being ingested so it doesn't affect you at all.

Why is chewing tobacco so dangerous?

Chewing tobacco is dangerous because it can give you mouth cancer.

What president had a tobacco chewing ram?

which president had a chewing tobacco ram ? quid pro quo

What are by product of tobacco?

They are bhedis cigarettes. and chewing tobacco.

What do baseball players spit?

Tobacco. Chewing tobacco.

What products can be made from tobacco?

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

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