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It should be really strong on the 7th gym leader in Pokemon fire red i tired it and i won the 7thgym badge and now you can do it. the weakness of fire Pokemon is electricity and water and fighting

lv 45 - 50

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:23:13
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Q: How strong should your Pokemon be in the seventh gym leader in Pokemon FireRed?
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What Pokemon should you have to beat the last gym leader on Pokemon FireRed?

you should have a lvl 50 water type

How do you get to in Pokemon FireRed?

You go and then you should be.

Where should you bring old amber in Pokemon FireRed?

go to the lab beside gym leader fire and talk to everyone

Where are the unkown in Pokemon FireRed?

The Unknown are in the seventh island. Go to the southern part of the island and surf. You will find some radomn caves in which the unknown should be in.

In Pokemon platinum how do you get to the seventh gym?

go to the light house in sunnyshore city then go back to the gym and the gym leader should be there.

Top Pokemon in FireRed?

(Excluding legendary pokemon) It should be dragonite...

How do you trade in Pokemon FireRed?

You should link cable.

How do you hack Pokemon FireRed with a DS?

you can hack pokemon firered with a ds by pressing d i c k button and it should work

How do you catch any Pokemon on FireRed?

pokeballs... which should be at the mart..

What moves should you teach your Snorlax on Pokemon firered?


What Pokemon should you have in your party in FireRed?

nothin u dude

Should I get Pokemon Emerald or FireRed?

You should definitely get Pokémon Emerald.

In Pokemon FireRed what Pokemon should you use to deafet the eliet 4?

Charizard is the best choice

What Pokemon should you use on erika in FireRed?

Flying and or fire types

What pokemon should you raise in the daycare to hatch an egg in firered?

there are none

How much should you sell your FireRed Pokemon?

20 bucks at the most

What level Pokemon should you have to beat the elite 4 in Pokemon firered?

Lvl 45-60 is fine

What should you i after i have got the sapphire in Pokemon firered?

Give it to celio in 1 island

Where can you get a Ninetails in Pokemon FireRed?

Give a Firestone to your Vulpix and it should evolve into one.

How do you migrate Pokemon of FireRed?

you put FireRed at the bottom of your DS. Then if you have Pokemon Diamond,Pearl or Platnum insert those into your DS and where it shows where your saved game go down a little bit and it should say "Migrate From FireRed."

Were do you find water Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed on gba?

erm, if you have surf go on a lake or sea, you should get attacked there

What do you do when the person turned the amber into a Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed version?

Well you collect it from the cinninbar laboratory and it should be an aerodactyl if you ask me that is one great Pokemon you should train it

Where should you train Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Every pokemon has a different type. For example u train electric type pokemon in water terrains.

How do you trade Pokemon from gold to Pokemon FireRed?

you get a game link cord an 2 gameboys transfer the Pokemon from gold 2 fire red and boom i think u should trade gold wit Pokemon from firered that r in gold

How do you beat physic Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

growlithe can learn bitecatch a haunter teach one of your Pokemon thief (should be in your TM case)