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The earthquake in Japan was a 9.0, the 5th strongest ever recorded.

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depends if the wave is strong or not if too strong cood cause an enormous earthquake.

A massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake

it depends how strong the earthquake is

A strong earthquake could do some serious damage to a continent and change the earth's rotation.

it varies on how power the earthquake is and how the environment where the earthquake happened is. if the earthquake is powerful and the environment is strongly built the average kill will be very less compared to a strong earthquake and an environment which is not built strong enough.

It tells you how strong a earthquake is.

it depends how strong the earthquake is some can be stronger than a volcano or than a volcano can be really strong

Something that is supposed to be strong enough to resist an earthquake.

will more shocks be felt after a storng earthquake

the type of earthquake was a strong one and the building were not made to withstand an earthquake

An 8.25 earthquake is considered an extremely strong earthquake. An earthquake of this magnitude can cause significant damage to buildings and roads.

Earthquake StrengthAt least one site says the strength of an earthquake has to be 3.0 before it can be felt.

AN EARTHquake first reaches a place that is focus strong earthquakes are in the epicentre but this is not the place from where earthquake originates i.e focus

If the earthquake is strong, then it will rock the other tectonic plates around it

the strongest earthquake before was 9.5

A strong earthquake can be very destructive.

yes there was an earthquake today at was about 5.9 strong.

because the earthquake wasn't strong enough for Havana to feel it

The lowest was 6.0 (stronger than the New Zealand actual earthquake) :(

The Earthquake was a 5.6 magnitude followed by 10 aftershocks.

That depends on how strong the tornado is or how strong the earthquake is. However, a typical earthquake is very small (magnitude of only 1 or 2 or less) and are rarely devastating. So on average, yes, a tornado is stronger.

this question isn't discriptive enough of what your asking. there are many things you can use though for an earthquake but the object that mesures how strong the earthquake is a seismograph

Earthquakes' magnitude is measured on Richter scale. The most powerful earthquake recorded on Richter scale is the 1960 Valdivia earthquake in Chile.

These smaller earthquakes are called aftershocks. Aftershocks can often be as strong as the earthquake its self and there can be many.

If you mean how then here it is because the earthquake might of happened in the sea and went to japan and then the earthquake was strong enough to make a tsunami

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