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The only way to be sure is to see a physician, so that a proper pregnancy test can be done.

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Q: How sure can you be that you are pregnant when one test shows you are but another one of another brand shows you are not the day after?
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One pregnancy test showed faint positive at night then the next morning on a different brand of test showed negative could i be pregnant?

Take another one to be sure

What happpens if it says your pregnant and when you do another it says your not?

nothing happens you could be pregnant or your not the best way to make sure is go to the doctor then you'll know for sure

Is it safe to take zantec 150 when pregnant?

Zantac brand of ranitidine is generally safe for pregnant women. To be totally sure, get your doctor to give you a list of medicines that will be safe for you in particular.

Trying desperatley to get pregnant.I have been feeling faint at work and also late for my period two weeks over now.test shows faint red thick line but under the green strip where im not sure counts?

If you have a line its likely that you are pregnant, do another test to be sure... good luck :-)

You think you are pregnant but the test says you are not?

you should take another one, and if your still not sure go get a blood test to no for sure that is the most accurate!!

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I think I might be pregnant but I'm not having any symptoms is there another way to tell I'm pregnant?

There are commercial pregnancy tests, to check whether you are pregnant. I am not sure how reliable they are. Or you could consult with a doctor.

How much will it cost for a women two get another women pregnant?

I'm pretty sure it's $23,000 to do that.

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Im am sure Raven is not pregnant

If a teenage is 17 and pregnant what you call her?

I'm not sure I understand your questions. Call her by her name. Being 17 and pregnant does not mean you are identified by another name. She's a teenage mom, a pregnant woman, a teenager, etc.

If one pregnancy test says you are pregnant should you take another just to be sure?

You need to see a doctor.

In the state of Illinois can you get a divorce if your pregnant by another man?

I'm not sure about getting divorce if getting pregnant in Illinois, what I'm concerned about is the wife being accused with adultery. Careful !

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Can you wear fake tan when pregnant?

Yes you can depending on what brand the fake tan is all of them should be safe, just make sure you read the bottle before applying

How can you be sure that you are not pregnant?

The best way to be sure you are not pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

How do you love your girl if she gets pregnant from another man?

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Can one be pregnant and not have morning sickness?

Nearly all women experience morning sickness to one extent or another, however, it is possible to be pregnant and not have morning sickness. It is recommended that women who think they are pregnant take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

What if a pregnancy test turns positive after a couple of minutes Are you pregnant?

False positives are rare, so you probably are pregnant. However, you should take another test to be sure because they can sometimes be wrong.

What legal issue can a husband pursue in the court once he finds out that his wife is having an affair with another man and she got pregnant?

Your lawyer will pursue on the fact your wife had an affair and is now pregnant, but he may require a DNA to be sure who's baby it is for sure.

Will you get your period for sure if you ovulate?

Not if you get pregnant. Your period only occurs when your body recognizes that the egg did not get fertilized in time. It then sheds the epithelium (the lining) of the uterus, which is what causes the bleeding. To put it another way, you will get your period for sure if you don't get pregnant, unless you have some major health problems.

Can you get pregnant if the guy uses a condom takes it off and has sex without a condom then puts another condom on and has sex with it and then ejaculates in the condom?

You cannot get pregnant unless it breaks and leaks. So be sure to get a good condom, and make sure that if your partner ejaculates that the condom does not break

Can you call a panda pregnant?

If it IS pregnant, sure.

What if you get negative result?

Then your obviously not pregnant . & if you wanna make sure then take another one & if it comes out negative then your lucky

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