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May 15, 2010 7:29PM

i ve read the how do you know if a guy likes you and i agree but that s for normal situations in my case he may not talk to me i may not be his choice he might even not like me and though previously i asked him for those things like talking to me like telling me how he feels about me like asking me out so we can talk of course that was in times that i was not sure that he was engaged now that i m sure he is i found out that i have no ego at all and no pride due to the love i feel for him i don t mind if he does not talk to me though i demanded it before and i don t mind if when i m cold does nothing to warm me up and for sure i don t mind if this minute we re talking he is with his fiance in a nice place having fun or making love to her i ve already said that i keep his picture with her in his arms so i know where i stand and i don t forget that he is not mine at first the pain for feeling and realizing the above was unbareable and i decided to let go of him but i found out it was not possible for me to do so i realize that i feel less pain if he is in my life even though he is with someone else i can t let him go i love him too much and if he does not care of what i do or say is not important anymore since i don t want anyone else to take his place he is and he ll be the only one no matter if he gets married in a while and have a family he will always be man in my kind of way if all that seems to someone stupid or insane then i m both sometimes when you realize how much you love someone there s nothing you can t go through just for him