How tall are the WWE wrestlers?

Wrestlers have 'billed' height and 'build' weight, this is a to BUILD the wrestler to make them look like 'Superstars'.. WWE wrestlers are usually 2-4 inches shorter than what they are 'built' to be. however some(very few) WWE superstars use their legit height, such as Jake the Snake, Mick Foley, etc. Andre The Giant's height was a legit 7'5 when he peaked, but as he got older his height started to buckle and he shrunk to 7' WWE still announced him as 7'5 but as you can see a 6'8(legit 6'6) Hogan was only a few inches shorter than Andre at WrestleManiaIII. I met triple h one time back in 1998, he was built as 6'4 and his head was about eye level to me. I am a legit 6'4, so he is probably 6'1 1/2 or 6'2. So for any wrestler just figure 2-4 inches off the guy