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Who broke their ankle in the last summer Olympics for womens gymnastics?

sammantha pezak hurt her ankle b4 da olympcs in Beijing

What are the two types of gymnastics?

the two types of womens gymnastics competed in the Olympics are rythmic and artistic but there are also mens gymnastics compotitions

Who was on the US 2000 Olympics womens gymnastics team?

Members of the 2000 US women's gymnastics team: Elise Ray, Amy Chow, Kristin Maloney, Dominique Dawes, Tasha Schwikert-Warren, and Jamie Dantzscher.

Who were the members of the 1980 us olympic womens swim team?

The United States did not participate in the 1980 Summer Olympics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1980_Summer_Olympics_boycott

How is womens gymnastics played in the Olympics?

It is played by flexibility, strenght and confidence. you have to have a flexible body to be in gymnastics. You need to be healthy and strong. You need flexibility and confidence.

Who won the womens artistic gymnastics gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

It was Nastia Luikin who won the all-around gold medal for woman's artistic gymnastics!

Who won the womens gymnast gold in the 2004 Olympics?

The all-around women's gymnastics gold in 2004 went to Carly Patterson.

When was womens judo entered into the Olympics?

Women's judo debuted at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

Who won the womens gymnastics over all winner?

Gabby Douglas won the all around title for womens gymnastics.

Is gymnastics for guys or girls?

it is for both there is mens gymnstics and womens gymnastics

Is womens gymnastics good exercise?

Womens gymnastics good exercise is a good and healthy way to workout. The best way to get a good exercise is gymnastics. It works out the whole body and tones the muscles.

What are the 3 major forms of competitive gymnastics?

mens, womens artistic and womens rythmic

Who was on the 1984 US womens gymnastics team?

Members of the US 1984 women's gymnastics team: Mary Lou Retton Julianne McNamara Kathy Johnson Michelle Dusserre Tracee Talavera Pamela Bileck

When does the womens gymnastics team compete in the 2012 Olympics?

Qualifications are on July 29 2012 and finals are on July 31 2012 for the Women's team all-around Event

Who is the best gymnast alive?

In my perspective Mary Lou Retton was a very excellent gymnast. Winning the very first 10 in womens gymnastics on vault for the USA she is now an international icon in Womens gymnastics. But maybe the best gymnast in Womens Gymnastics was Nadia Commeneci. The Romainian gymnast was the very first person to win a 10 on vault for the whole Womens Gymnastics let alone the Romainian Team.

What events are in womens all around gymnastics?

The 4 main events in womens all around gymnastics are 1. Floor 2. Vault 3. Bars 4. Beam

Did Mary Lou Retton break her ankle in the 1984 Olympics?

Not Mary Lou Retton, NO. It was Kerry Strug who sprained her ankle during the womens gymnastics after she had done two vaults.

In the 2004 summer Olympics who won the gold medal in the womens 100 meter dash?

That was Yulia Nestsiarenka of Belarus. She ran it in 10.93 seconds.

Who won the womens 53kg weightlifting gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

P. Jaroenrattanatarakoon (Thailand) won the gold medal in the women's 53 kg weightlifting event in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

How many girls are on the Olympic gymnastics team?

There are 5 women that will compete in the 2012 Gymnastics Olympics. Along with 3 alternates.2012 Gymnastics Womens TeamGabby DouglasMckayla MaroneyJordan WieberAlly RaismanKyla RossAlternatesAnna LiSara FinneganElizebeth PriceXD

Who won the womens 10m air pistol gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

Guo Wenjun (China) won the gold medal in the women's 10 meter air pistol in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

What are the three categories of gymnastics?

Artistic men's, artistic womens and rythemic.

Power is needed for what sports?

* wrestling * boxing * football * womens gymnastics

Who won the womens Olympic gold medal in gymnastics?

in 1984-MARY LOU RETTON WON THE GOLD in women's gymnastics

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