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How tall are wind turbines?


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On fair isle they are 65m tall


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Wind turbines can be up to 262 feet high.

Because the wind is stronger higher up and wind turbines need as much wind as possible

Largest Wind Turbine is 7MW and 413 Feet Tall

Wind turbines use the wind to rotate blades that turn a rotor - which creates electricity. They range from very small turbines supplying energy for battery charging systems (for example on boats or in homes), to turbines grouped on wind farms supplying electricity to the national grid.Wind power helps the environment, because, it lasts for as long as the planet Earth is around. Wind power does not pollute the wind, it can be used almost anywhere it can be hooked up to an electrical outlet, and there are many ways to harness wind power: Offshore, onshore, tall wind turbines (hundreds of feet tall), short wind turbines (tens of feet tall), wind turbines on rooftops, airborne wind turbines and wind turbines that are built by do it yourself people. Wind power does not kill as many bats or birds as anti wind power turbine people claim, and it is not that noisy.

There is no point in wind turbines

Horizontal axis wind turbines, modern wind turbines, vertical axis turbines.

Wind turbines are for catching the kinetic energy of the wind and transforming it into electricity.

The wind turbines collect the wind's kinetic energy.

because wind and wind turbines turn in to energy and to make electricity!

100134444 wind turbines are in michigan.

Kinda-sorta. Wind turbines rely on the wind, but what powers the wind is the sun.

there are 675 wind turbines in palm springs. 450 new turbines and 225 old turbines.

Wind turbines are a form of renewable energy

Yes. There are lots of wind turbines in MA.

there are 2757 wind turbines in great Britain

Wind energy is made by spinning turbines. The wind spins the wind turbines and they generate energy.

The amount of wind turbines in a wind farm can vary from one farm to another. They can have as few as five or as many as 150 wind turbines. One of the largest wind farms is Alta Wind Energy center in Kern County, California. It has over 4,800 wind turbines.

Hydro turbines can be of far higher capacity compared to wind

While wind turbines are renewable and do not pollute the earth there are multiple times birds have been hit and injured by wind turbines.

2,3,6 wings designs for the wind turbines

'Or else' what? Wind turbines make electricity.

Wind Turbines are sustainable that is the biological straight forward answer.

No, the wind make the turbines spin which make the electricity.

country side wind turbines and modern turbines

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