How tall do Silver Maple Trees grow?

The silver maple tree is one of the most common maple trees in the central United States. It is a medium to large tree, and one of the fastest growing maple trees. It is ideal for wet lowland sites, and will easily recover from periods of extended flooding. Silver maple trees are some of the best for poor soil and can be transplanted easily. The wood is soft and can be damaged by sever wind or ice storms.

Often used in residential areas for shade, the silver maple tree has thick foliage. The leaves are deeply cut and silvery white on the undersides, giving the tree its name. The leaves of the silver maple appear as a light green and turn to a yellow gold in the fall. The silver maple tree produces greenish yellow to red flowers in early spring. This deciduous maple tree provides very dense shade.

Silver maple trees are hardy to zones three through nine. They require full sun, but will live in partial shade. A silver maple tree will survive in a variety of soil conditions, but will grow best in moist, well-drained areas. The upright nature of the silver maple tree gives it an open oval shape, with strong spreading branches. The leaves are three to six inches in width, and have five very distinct lobes.

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There are many considerations to think about before planting silver maple trees. First of all is the soft nature of the wood. In areas with extreme weather storms, this tree will likely become damaged easily. A second consideration is that the roots are intrusive. Roots of silver maple trees have been known to break sidewalks and through basement walls. Planted in the proper location and cared for correctly, silver maple trees will provide years of hassle free life and beauty.