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How tall does one have to be to ride on Thorpe Park rides?


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August 26, 2009 1:32PM

Depends what rides here is a list of the rides and how tall you have to be for each one

These are what you could call the "main rides"

Stealth - 1.4m

nemesis inferno - 1.4m

colossus - 1.4m

saw-the ride - 1.4m

rush - 1.4m

samurai - 1.4m

vortex - 1.4m

slammer - 1.4m

X:/no way out - 1.4m

detonator - 1.3m

tidal wave - 1.2m

these are what you could call the "semi main rides"

time voyagers - no limit (mainly because its a 4d cinema)

Quantum - 1.2m

zodiac - 1.1m

flying fish - 1.1m (unless with adult)

death charge - 1.2m (unless with adult)

loggers leap - 1.1m (unless with adult)

Mr monkeys banana ride - 0.9m (unless with adult)

rumba rapids - 1.1m (unless with adult)

rocky express - 0.9m (unless with adult)

storm in teacup - 1.1m (unless with adult)

and finally the "junior rides" (anyone between 0.9m and 1.1m MUST be accompanied by and adult 18 + )

Canada creek railway - 0.9m no one over 1.4m

chief rangers carousel - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

fantasy fish - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

gallon race - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

happy halibuts - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

Neptune's beach - exclusively for families

Ollie's the octopus - 1.3m max

the showcase - no limit

sea snakes and ladders - 1.2 max

slippery serpent - 0.9 on one over 1.3m

swinging seashells - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

up periscope - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

wet wet wet - 0.9m no one over 1.3m

p.s i have been to Thorpe park loads of times and a couple years back when i was only about 1.38m they still let me on all the major rides so don't worry if your a little under the height limit.