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Hugh Grant is 5'11" (1.80m).


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Yes Hugh Grant is English.

No. Hugh Grant and Richard E Grant are not at all related.

Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960.

No, no relation. Cary Grant was a stage name; Hugh Grant uses his birth name.

Hugh Grant does not direct movies but acts in them.

Hugh J. Grant was born in 1858.

Hugh J. Grant died in 1910.

Hugh Grant - manager - was born in 1958.

Hugh Grant was hotter than George when Hugh was young. Nowdays George is hotter.

Hugh Grant is 56 years old (birthdate: September 9, 1960).

Hugh Grant talks about the London Heathrow airport.

hugh grant is refusing to have children with his current girlfriend JEMIMA KHAN - so no

Do you mean the ad where they show iTunes and they choose The Doors album by The Doors to download? (cool). The voice is either Hugh Grant or a Hugh Grant impersonator.

Hugh Jackman <--- He's Australian!!! Hugh Grant Hugh Laurie

Hugh Brockington is 6'.

thankfully not, no man like Hugh Grant could create such a disgusting creature like Robert Pattinson

the movie Hugh grant and Sam Neil played in was Sirens. It was done in the Blue Mountains in Sydney Australia

Hugh Dillon is 5' 10".

Hugh Armstrong is 6' 2".

Hugh Bonneville is 6' 2".

Hugh Quarshie is 5' 9".

Hugh Holesome is 6' 2".

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