How tall is John McCain?

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5' 7" 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000'100000000000000000000"
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Who is John McCain?

Key facts about John McCain:. Republican nominee for the 2008 US presidential election. . Has an IQ of 133 . Almost flunked out of the Naval Academy, graduating in the bott

Where is John McCain from?

John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. He moved many times due to his father being in the Army. He went to school in Virginia. He currently lives In Phoenix, Arizona.

When did John McCain and Carol McCain separate?

John and Carol McCain divorced in April 1980 and John married the former Cindy Hensley a month later. Some sources, including the Wall Street Journal, assert that John and Car

What is John McCain about?

John McCain is the Republican nominee for President. He has a lot of changes planned out, that are (in my opinion) very good for the country. If he wins, he has a plan to rais

Why John McCain?

\nJohn McCain is against abortion. He supports drilling for oil, clean coal technology, nuclear power and alternative energy. His plan only lowers taxes, not raising any. He w

What is John Mccain for?

John McCain is a Republican and he stands for things that we really dont need to focus on Iraq he wants the to stay the need to leave

Where John McCain is from?

he was born in the Panama military base and he is currently living in Arizona

What was was John McCain in?

he was in war that's why he can't raise his hands above his head. he was in war that's why he can't raise his hands above his head. he was in war that's why he can't raise his
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Who is John McCaine?

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona and presidential nominee of the Republican Party in the 2008 United States pres
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Where is John McCain?

John McCain is a U.S. senator who lives in Arizona.
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Who was John mccain?

John McCain was a senator for 22 years and in congress for nine. He attended The Naval Acadamy and now ran for President recently in 2008.