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Jonas Erik Altberg is 6ft2in. tall. He is a singer-songwriter and he has been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. He was born in 1984 in Sweden and is also known as Basshunter. He appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK in 2010 and finished fourth.

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What is basshunters real name?

Jonas AltbergJonas Erik Altberg

Is Jonas Erik Altberg gay?


Is Jonas Erik Altberg married?


Does Jonas Erik altberg have a girlfriend?


What is the lead singers name from basshunter?

Jonas Erik Altberg

Jonas Erik Altberg girlfriend?

He has a girlfriend called biba. boe

How many women has Jonas Erik Altberg slept with?

If you count children, 22.

What is the birth name of Basshunter?

Basshunter's birth name is Jonas Erik Altberg.

How old is the man in basshunter Jonas Erik Altberg?

he is 266 this year so yah hes

What language is dota by basshunter in?

"DotA" by Basshunter is in Swedish, but he does have songs that are in English. "DotA" is in Swedish because Basshunter was born in Sweden. (His real name is Jonas Erik Altberg).

What is basshunter real name?

Jonas Altberg xD

When is Jonas altberg of basshunter birthday?

December 22

What is Basshunter's official fan email address?

An official fan email address is not known for Basshunter (Jonas Erik Altberg). He does have an official Facebook page and an official Twitter account.

Who is the dj in basshunter videos?

its basshunter or Jonas altberg

What is the birth name of Eric Barclay?

Eric Barclay's birth name is Altberg, Erik.

Who is Aylar Lie going out with?

she is going out with Jonas Altberg aka basshunter

Is Jonas Erik altberg going out with the girl in his video for all you ever wanted?

No, i don't think so. She's called Aylar Lie and she used to be a pornstar. Anyway I haven't heard anything about them going out.

Why does nobody put facts about Jonas Altberg on here?

Because everything is answered under Basshunter.

Where does basshunter come from?

Basshunter is from SwedenBasshunter or Jonas Altberg is from Sweeden

How old is Basshunter?

Swedish record producer "Basshunter" (Jonas Altberg) is 33 years old (born December 22, 1984).

What is the birth name of Jonas Isberg?

Jonas Isberg's birth name is Jonas Brje Erik Isberg.

How tall is Erik Lacaze?

Erik Lacaze is 6'.

How tall is Erik Lagace?

Erik Lagace is 6'.

How tall is Erik Palladino?

Erik Palladino is 6'.

How tall is Erik Parillo?

Erik Parillo is 6'.