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Q: How tall is Patti Riley from QVC?
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Is patti riley quiting QVC?

Patti left QVC in early 2011

What happen to Patti Riley from QVC?

Patti left QVC in March she lives in LA now.

How old is Patti Riley from QVC?


Is patti riley leaving QVC?

Sorry, no.

Who is Patti Riley from QVC dating?

Robert Pattinston

How did patti riley on QVC lose all that weight?

Lap band.

Is qvc host patti riley gay?

yes he was dating a guy for 3 yrs.

Is patti riley from QVC engaged?

No. If she was, we would all know about it. She would be bragging non-stop.

Why did Patti Riley leave QVC?

She's still there. She tried to break her contact but that grand scheme failed.

What happened to Patty Reilly or Patti Riley of QVC?

Departed from QVC for good in 2010. Currently trying to make it in Los Angeles.

When is Patti Reilly leaving QVC?

Patti left QVC for good in March of 2010.

Is Patti Reilly of QVC getting married?

Patti Reilly of QVC is not engaged or married as of 10/2014.

How old is patti reilly of qvc?

Patti is 41.

Did patty riley leave QVC?

Yes, Patty Riley left QVC in 2011.

Who is Patti Reilly from QVC dating?

Patti keeps that private.

Are Patti Reilly and Lisa Robertson from QVC friends?

It depends on Patti's mood.

What is patti doing after leaving QVC?


Has patti reilly left QVC?


What hosts have left QVC?

Recently Lisa Mason & Patti Reilly left QVC.

Did Patti Reilly leave QVC?

Yes, she did. March 11, 2011, was Patti Reilly's last day at QVC. Her last show was "Friday Night Beauty." (To watch an exit interview with Patti Reilly, click on the Related link.)

Is Patti Reilly of QVC married?

No she isn't married.

Why did patti reilly leave QVC?

Contract was not renewed.

Where did Patti Reilly go to from QVC?

Los Angeles.

Was patti reilly asked to leave QVC?

Sort of.

Did Patti Reilly and Lisa Mason sue QVC?

Patti never sued QVC. Lisa Mason had a dispute over being shorted on her on-air hours. You can view the court papers online.