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How tall is Trey Songz?

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Trey Songz is 6'1".

2011-05-07 22:10:47
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Is trey songz tall?

Trey Songz is 6'1".

Is trey songz a girl?

No Trey Songz is not a girl. Trey Songz is a man.

Why was trey songz called trey songz?

Trey Songz its a nickname so trey comes frm Tremaine then the song was born

What state is trey songz from?

Trey Songz is from Virginia.

Were does trey songz live?

where do trey songz live..

Is trey songz bysexual?

No Trey Songz Is Not Bisexual

Is trey songz biesexual?

No. Trey Songz is not bisexual.

What are trey songz achievements?

What achievements does trey songz

Is Trey Songz Illuminate?

NO, Trey Songz is not a Illuminate

Is trey songz a virgin?

No! Trey songz is not a virgin.

Is trey songz by sexal?

no trey songz is my husband

Is Trey Songz Catholic?

no, Trey Songz is Christian

Do trey songz have a girlfreind?

does trey songz hav a girlfriend

Where is Trey Songz from?

Trey Songz is from Petersburg, Virginia.Virginia

Does Trey Songz have a son?

No, Trey Songz does not have any children.

Who is sronger Jason derulo or trey songz?

Trey songz

Who looks better trey songz or waka?

Trey Songz

Is trey songz die?

No, Trey Songz is not die. He is live.

Who is better Trey Songz or One Direction?

Trey Songz.

Who do you think is prettier jermiah or trey songz?

Trey Songz

Does will smith like trey songz?

no he does not trey songz is straight

Does trey songz have a baby mama?

DOES TREY SONGZ HAVE A CHILDREN?No Trey does not have not have any children.

How tall are Trey Songz Mario Barrett and Tyreese Gibson?

Trey is 6'1 ;)! not sure about the others though..

Why do they call trey songz trey songz?

Trey Songz is called Trey Songz because, when he made his first mix tape his mentor Troy Taylor put Trey Songz with a s to show ownership and he liked it and trey changed the S to a Z and that made Trey Songz a very, very sexy even sexier man with his hair cut lol!!!!

What state does trey songz live in?

what state does trey songz live in