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The Shire is the biggest horse and it is 17 to 18 hands tall. (68 to 72 inches)

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How tall is the worlds largest horse ever?

21 hands 2 inches

How tall is the worlds smallest horse?

he is about 4 hands tall

How tall is the worlds largest guitar?

2ft long

What is the Worlds largest sea horse?

Your mother comes pretty close

How tall is the worlds largest feces?

The world's largest feces originates from the blue whale, which is the largest mammal.

How tall was the largest horse in hands?

Radar, the world's largest horse,is an impressive height of 19 hands, 3 1/2 inches tall == ==

How tall is the worlds largest spider?

it is 1 foot long

How tall was the worlds largest ice cream sundae that was ever made?

very tall

How many inches tall is the worlds largest Hersheys Kiss?


What is the biggest horses in the world?

Clydesdale's are known as the largest horse breed I believe but as for the largest horse in the world ever? It would be the Belgian horse named Radar. Radar is the worlds largest horse in the Guinness World Records. Radar weighs over 2,400 lbs!

What is the world's largest horse?

a shire is the worlds tallest horse, definately.You never know, sometimes a baby horse grows taller than it should.

How tall is the tallest jump jumped by a horse?

here is a video explaining the worlds biggest horse jump! (see related link)

What is a tall horse breed?

Shires, Clydsdales, really most draft horses tend to be tall. The tallest horse in the world is a Shire, and most of the worlds tallest horses are Shires.

How tall is the largest breyer horse?

they are sculpted on a 1:9 scale

How tall is the worlds tallest horse?

7 1/2 ft at the withers (a horse's shoulder).

What is the worlds largest conch shell?

The worlds largest conch shell is the horse conch. The shell is 606 millimeters wide and can be found on display at the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum in Sanibel-Captiva, Florida.

Who grew the worlds largest peach?

Stephen Lubisich of Clovis, CA grew the world's largest peach, a Snow Queen. See the Guiness Book of World Records. btw the worlds largest peach is 89m tall

How tall was the largest horses in hands?

The tallest horse was a Shire gelding called Sampson, born 1846. He was 21.2½ hands high. Shires are generally the largest breed of horse, being 17 hands tall on average.

How big is the worlds largest horse?

I believe it is somewhere around 21 hands (one hand=4 inches)

What is the worlds largest tiger?

The Siberian tiger is the worlds largest tiger

The worlds largest animal?

Worlds largest animal: Blue Whale

Worlds largest beetle?

the worlds largest beetle is the titanus giganteus

What is the worlds largest thunderstorm?

The worlds largest thunderstorm was the Venezuelan thunderstorm.

Who has the worlds largest foot?

Fanny Mills has the worlds largest feet

Which shark is the worlds largest shark?

The whale shark is the worlds largest shark at about 75,000 pounds and is about 65 feet it is the worlds largest shark!