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There is no exact answer to this question. Each animal and human is of its own shape and size. A rabbit is the size of a small puppy or dog.


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A rabbit is about 16 inches tall.

As tall as you want it to be, or about 16.9 inches.

First of all it depends what kind of rabbit it is. 2nd of all, it depends how tall the rabbit is when it is not on it's hind legs. So I guess I can't answer that one.

"Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is 85 minutes long .

A full grown rabbit is just about two feet, I know this because I have a rabbit of my own.

Long earred rabbit is not a rabbit breed, The breed with the long ears are Lops, There is mini lops, holland lops, french lops, English lops

it depends on the breed

It depends on which rabbit. Usually about a foot.(12 inches)

A Lop ear rabbit is a rabbit that has long ears they are soo cute.

It takes long as the rabbit want.. Stop being so impaitient!

how long can a jack rabbit hear ?

An adult rabbit can get up to 40cm length.

No. The "A" in rabbit is pronounced like aahhh

I dont know and who cares

13 feet21inces

WELL........................... An angora rabbit grows extremely long hair and a regular rabbit has short hair.

Or ... how long can a rabbit live? just saying

Little rabbit usually are at from 1-6 months.

The Dutch rabbit can jump up to 50 feet

From about 20 cm long to about 40 cm long

they can be any height ............. it depends on the age of the rabbit

Tall as 1.6m and wide as 0.5m

really fast the rabbit gets horny fast

A rabbit is a burrowing, plant-eating mammal. Rabbits have long ears, long hind legs, and a short fluffy tail.

A rabbit year is similar to a dog year. About 6, 7, or 8 rabbit years in one human year.

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