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He was six feet, two inches tall by some reports, but there is some question about his true height, as follows:

George Washington was measured for his clothing at 74 inches in height, or 6'2". Though, in his correspondences with merchants he often complained that his clothes were too small . After his death, he was measured at 6'3" and 1/2 inches tall in his stocking feet.

Ron Chernow, in his book Washington-A life, claims Washington is 6' even. He bases this assumption on orders Washington placed for clothing in which Washington asks for clothing," for a man of 6 feet high." However, further reading of Washington's papers will reveal that he never seems satisfied with his clothing and constantly complains that the legs are too short.

Perhaps the best way to accuratly attain Washington's true hight is if one looks at the statue made of George Washington by Jean-Antoine Houdan. One can use the statue's dimensions to attain a measurement of Washington's height at over 6' 3". Washington requested that Houdan make his statue life-sized, rather than larger than life. Houdan spent two weeks with Washington and made a series of very exact measurements which were all subsequently lost in a fire. However, the Statue remains, and was used by Mount Vernon in 2006 as one element to forensically reconstruct Washington's likeness in wax.

In addition, we know Thomas Jefferson to be 6' 2" and 1/2" tall, and George Washington was known to be (a little) taller than Jefferson.

Benjamin Franklin said, (who himself was 6 feet tall) of Washington, "We always choose him to lead us because he was always the tallest man in the room"
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Who was George Washington?

George Washington (1732-1734) was the 1st President of the UnitedStates and was the commander-in-chief of the Continental Armyduring the American Revolution (1775-1783). George Washington was also a wealthy Virginia plantation owner. Heserved in the Virginia Militia during the French and Indian War ( Full Answer )

Where was George Washington from?

George Washington was born in Westmoreland, Virginia. If you want more information about George Washington and what he did then look at the George Washington biography. (at the related link)

What did George Washington do?

He was the 1st US President, from 1789 to 1797 and set manyprecedents concerning that office. Background: . · Birth - February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia . · Wife - Martha Dandridge Washington, a widow with children . · Political Party - none ( later asso ( Full Answer )

Is Washington state named after George Washington?

George Washington . Yes, Washington State is named after George Washington. Washington D.C, the capital of the United States of America, is also named after George Washington, the first president of the United States.

Why was Washington named after George Washington?

George Washington was responsible for the defeat of the British which led to the creation of the USA. Washington chose the site for the Capital, and as "The Father of his country", it was felt naming the capital after him was appropriate.

Was George Washington Carver named after George Washington?

He originally had no middle name.. He was originally "George" but the person who owned him was a "carver" so he was "Carver's George". Later, in school, there was another George Carver, so he added Washington as his middle name.

Where did Martha Washington meet George Washington?

A friend or even distant relative of Martha's introduced them. They only met three separate times and knew each other for a grand total of three weeks before they got married.

Why was Washington DC named after George Washington?

In 1790, the US Constitution allowed for the creation of a capitalcity so an area in the District of Columbia - which is stilllegally referred to as such - was chosen, a city founded and in1791 named after George Washington, the first president of a unitedstates. Although largely thought of as bein ( Full Answer )

Why was the State of Washington named after George Washington?

As an act of respect. 2nd Answer: The original name that the territory wanted to use was either Lincoln State or Columbia State. (It is south and touching British Columbia) They threw Lincoln out as a name for some reason. Someone pointed out that the name Columbia would be confused with "Distric ( Full Answer )

How tall is George?

George Walker Bush is the 43rd President of the United States andserved as the 46th Governor of Texas. He is 1.82 meters tall.

How tall was Washington?

George Washington was about 6'2. it was very tall for back then. people would raise their head up to look at Wahington

Was George Washington ever in Washington State?

No - the state was not in existence and when Washington was President. If he wanted to visit the land that became Washington state, it would have been a very difficult trip indeed whether he tried to get there by ship or by land.

When was Washington named after George Washington?

Washington was named after George because hes the first president of the united states. another reason is that he's the father of his country. which is he's the first man that change America into today's society.

Where is George Washington?

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, WestmorelandCounty, Virginia, VA. He died on December 14, 1799, in his bed atMount Vernon, VA. He was buried on December 18, 1799 in the familytomb at Mount Vernon, VA. The original tombs were deteriorating, soin his will he asked for new tombs to be ( Full Answer )

What were George Washington?

First, I think you are asking about George Washington's history, the various achievements in his life. To answer the question "Who was George Washington" (the pronoun "what" is usually used for things, while we use "who" when asking about people), this requires considering Washington's many achievem ( Full Answer )

Is George Washington Carver related to George Washington?

No, George Washington Carver was not related to George Washington; he was merely named after George Washington, or possibly Booker T. Washington, who hired him at the age of 32 to teach agriculture.

Why did they name Washington after George Washington?

George Washington really was the "Father of his Country". He was a leader in getting the Revolution started and in setting up a provisional government. He served as Commander-in -Chief during the successful revolutionary war , helped draw up the Constitution for the new United States of America and ( Full Answer )

Why did America name Washington after George Washington?

Washington really was the father of the US in many ways- he was a leader in the rebellion from Britain, commanded the winning army, served as president of the constitutional convention and was elected without opposition to be the first president of the country.

Did George Washington live in Washington?

Washington never lived in Washington DC because it didn't exist. The city of Washington DC was started/built after he became president and John Adams was the first president to live in the White House. When he moved in it wasn't finished and hung the laundry in the East Room. The principle residence ( Full Answer )

What are the differences king George and George Washington have?

The same about king George the third and George Washington is they both had no teeth,blue eyes,had redish brown hair,wore wigs,were in the american revolution.The differences are George Washington was a general,a farmer,was a president,was not a king.The differences about King George the third are n ( Full Answer )

Who was George Washington and what did he do?

He was a general in the American Revolution and was the first President of the US. He is often referred to as "The Father of His Country. Washington was born on February 22, 1732, and died December 14, 1799.

Why was George Washington named George Washington?

His dad's last name was Washington. So, naturally, George inheritedthe name. No one knows why George's parents named him George, but Iguess they liked the name (possibly in honor of King George II?)

What school did George Washington go to and were?

Washington was primarily home schooled, but for a short time he didattend a porchial school run by the local episcopal priest. He wasscheduled to leave for England to attend boarding school there whenhis father died, throwing the family into a financial crisis.

How did George Washington become a surveyor?

He was trained in the occupation after being denied permission tojoin the British Navy by his mother. Land surveyors were relativelyimportant at the time, as colonial settlement was pushing fartherwest.

Is King George different then George Washington?

King George III and George Washington were nothing alike. First of all, they were enemies. King George III was the King of England. George Washington was never a king and he didn't want to become one either. George Washington was the first president of the United States. King George III wasn't and h ( Full Answer )

Did George Washington name the state of Washington?

No. At the time George Washington died in 1799 the US only had 16states. The rest of the continent was held by France, Spain, andBritain. What's now Washington state was part of a much larger region calledthe Oregon Territory. The OT was jointly administered by the US andBritain from 1818 to 1848, ( Full Answer )

What did George Washington call Washington D.C.?

George Washington called it the same thing everyone else did at the time - the district of Columbia. The name "Washington, DC" came from the fact that the District originally had two counties - Washington County on the Maryland side of the Potomac River and Alexandria County on the Virginia side. Al ( Full Answer )

Did George Washington take presidency in Washington?

When George Washington was president we didn't even have the state of Washington. He became president right after the Revolutionary War. And we didn't get the state until after he was dead. But it is named after A George Washington, but not our 1st president.

How did Martha Washington suppor George Washington?

Martha Washington supported George Washington by washing his underwear. She made him sweet love and cooked sausages for him after each speech as well as debate becasue that was, in fact, his favorite meal. Geroge Washington was a big fan of the Chicago Cubs, so Martha made an effort to take George t ( Full Answer )

How tall is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln?

Washington was between 6' 2" and 6' 4". Lincoln was 6' 4'' and wasthe tallest president, so far. Additionally, George Washington waspowerfully built, and naturally athletic. Lincoln, was quitegangly, and was thought to suffer from Marfan's disease, whichwould cause him to have long, thin and weak li ( Full Answer )

How did George Washington become General Washington?

by becoming the general of the Continental army or the American militia in the revolutionary war he asked the leaders of the committee of correspondence to allow him to become the general of the militia

Did George Washington have a will?

Yes. George Washington had a will. He had all his correspondence burned which we regret and he had all his slaves freed which we do not regret.