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The Wallace sword on display at the Wallace monument in Stirling weighs 2.7 kg. There are however doubts as to its authenticity.

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By most accounts, he was well over 6' feet tall, which for that time was very tall. Many reports by historians place him in the 6'7" plateau, while others claim it was less. However you slice it, he was large by the standards of the day, and would be considered a big man today.

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Historical resources suggest William Wallace was well over 6ft tall. This idea is supported by the existence of the Wallace Sword, a two-handed, broadsword believed to have belonged to Wallace and which is almost 6 ft in length. Only a man of significant height could have wielded such a weapon.

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Nobody knows for certain, but most historians agree he was around 6 feet 6inches tall. So around 2 metres.

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Q: How tall was sir William Wallace?
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Sir William Wallace was 6 feet 7 inches tall.

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William Wallace really existed.

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Sir William Wallace's profession was a landholder. He was also most known as one of the leaders of the Scottish Independence.

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The role that Sir William Wallace played in the history of Scotland was that he was a great leader. He helped expand the land they owned at the time and changed many laws.

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