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The impact of technology on the evolution of language is about the naming of new "things". when an advancement is made and that "thing" never existed before there is a name given to it. Also when considering the on-line chat environments or text messaging you will notice that the "shorthand" that is being developed creeps into our everyday language. Ex: LOL or TTYL

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What are the impacts of science and technology in human values?

There have been many impacts of science and technology in human values. Humans value communication for example and technology helps with that.

What are the positive impacts of technology to your health?

advantages advance technology in our life

What are positive impacts of production technology?


What are the impacts of computers on technology?

punch card's impact on the development of computer technology.

What is the Impact of information technology on maritime industry?

impacts of maritime technology to the maritime industry

What is the impact that technology has had on our society?

There are many impacts that technology has had on our society. One impact would be the advancement of medical technology.

What are the globalisation impacts?

sport fashion food technology

What are the negative impacts of environmental technology?

more waste

What are the positive impacts of Transportation technology?

u go places

Impact of technology on banking sector?

too much impacts

Impacts of information technology on human beings?

I don`t no

What are the positive and negative impacts of science and technology on human society?

There are many positive and negative impacts of science and technology on humans. Some things have helped people, while others have hurt people.

What are some positive impacts on production technology?

people can afford cars

What are the impacts of technology on environment?

Google Greenpeace. They have tons of articles about this stuff.

What is the difference between language technology?

A language is the one which provides Protocols to develop a technology...

Discuss the current and future impact of information technology on the society?

Simple question, complex answer. Current impacts cover a wide and diverse range of examples. Future impacts means confidently predicting the future and what impacts information technology will make on a society that may or may not be the same as today

What is the difference between language and technology?

language is something that is complet but technology is uncomplet it means technology will update(new features will come in technology like

What is the difference between a language and a technology?

technology is when someone create something an language is what u talk

Is java swing technology or language?

swing technology

What is the impact of computers in modern technology?

There have been many major impacts of computers in modern technology. Modern technology has made surgeries more efficient for example.

How does computer technology impact the planning of instructions?

Computer technology impacts the planning of instructions by organizing them. Computer technology can distribute instructions to the recipients within seconds.

What is environmental technology?

Environmental technology is the application of natural sciences to conserve the natural resources and to control or lessen the impacts of human involvement.

What negative impacts has modern technology had on society?

kamino khud ni pata kia

What are the positive impacts of medical technology?

It cures sickness , thus save lives as well.

What type of impacts can technology have on society?

it makes the world smaller cause people don't have to do as much as they had to

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