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How the Treaty of Versailles contribute to the start of World War 2?

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April 17, 2009 2:45AM

Hitler contributed to the start of World War Two because when he invaded Poland and militarizing his country which broke his part in the Treaty of Versailles which p/od everyone else and he knew it The Treaty of Versaille put sole blame of the war on Germany, although it was not actually one of the countries involved in the disagreement that started WW1. The allies also made Germany pay alot of money for the cost of the war. This made those in Germany somewhat angry, and it helped set up a climate that Hitler used to rise to power. By angry, I mean that there was a depression in Germany and the government had no money to help. When Hitleer came to power he helped to bring Germeny out of that depression. The treaty and other agreements also allienated Japan and Italy, who felt that they didn't get enough colonies out of it. This was part of the reason they sided against the allies in WW2. Basically, the Treaty set up a climate of vengance, especially in Germany, which culminated in WW2.