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If the question is how is it delivered ,then this how by transfer pump to the high pressure injector pump then through the nozzles.

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What are the two basic types of fuel delivery systems in passenger vehicles?

Diesel and Gasoline The Carburetor (old school) and fuel injection.

what exactly is diesel fuel injection service?

Diesel fuel injection service allows you to fill you car will fuel that will allow for your car to travel further. Diesel is typically used by trucks.

What does DCi stand for on a Renault scenic?

Diesel Common-rail Injection - (Diesel Fuel Injection System)

Two types of fuel delivery system?

Carburetors and Fuel Injection... also direct and indirect fuel injection.

Where is the injection control pressure sensor on a 2004 ford f 350 6.0 diesel or fuel injection module?

Where is the injection control pressure sensor on a 2004 ford f 350 6.0 diesel or fuel injection module?

Is fuel injection for diesel engines more efficient?

diesel only comes in fuel injection, the fuel needs high pressure to ignite, and cannot only be sucked in like with a carburator on a petrol engine

What is the difference between petrol and diesel car engines?

there are lots of differences. one no spark plugs. diesel fires by compression and heat gas or petrol requires a spark. the fuel delivery is diffrent to diesel is usally injected under a higher psi to areosol the fuel better. but diesel is more like fuel injection because the valves are diffrent

What are the two basic fuel delivery systems?

Carburetor and injection.

What system does diesel engine uses instead of carburetors?

Fuel injection

1996 Chevy Cheyenne with a diesel motor does it have a manual fuel injection or electric fuel injection?

IT has electric fuel injection there is an fsd module (Fuel Solenoid Driver) sitting in the v of the motor. I'm guessing its the 6.5 Detroit.

What is mean by crdi?

CRDI is an abbreviation for common rail direct fuel injection. This is a direct fuel injection system that is used in diesel and petrol engines.

How does diesel get in to oil in an engine?

You've got a leak in your fuel injection system.

Does a renault clio diesel fuel injection pump need programming by renault?


Does the 1983 Chevy silverado Crew Cab 6.2 Diesel use a mechanical fuel injection?

Yes, It is a mechanical fuel injection system with an injector pump to pump fuel to the injectors.

What is fuel injection?

A system of fuel delivery where a precise amount of atomized fuel is fed into each combusion chamber at a specific time.

What are the two basic types of fuel delivery system in passenger vehicles?

Carburation and injection.

Where is the shut off valve on a 1999 dodge diesel?

It is internal to the fuel injection pump.

What is the difference between CRDI engine and MPFIengine?

CRDI is common rail diesel injection where as MPFI is multi point fuel injection

What is a fuel lift pump?

It is also called a transfer pump. It lifts or transfers the fuel from the tank to the fuel injection pump on diesel vehicle.

Is fuel injection a naturally aspirated engine?

The aspiration of a motor normally refers to whether or not is is tubocharged, not the fuel delivery system

Brief idea about mpfi crdi?

MPFI is Multi-Point Fuel Injection, which is the fuel system used with gasoline engines. CRDI is Common Rail Direct Injection, which is the fuel system used in diesel engines.

Is multi point fuel injection system used only for petrol engine?

no there are several types of fuel injections. diesel also use multi point fuel injection simliar to a gas but alot bigger

How is fuel injection different from spark ignition?

Diesel fuel injection injects fuel into air that is hot enough to ignite the fuel. Spark ignition takes a fuel air mixture mixed and then drawn into the cylinder before ignition, then ignites with an electric spark.

What does the I stand for in BMW?

I stands for "injected" type of fuel delivery, either gasoline or Diesel.

What is the oil capacity for a 2.8l turbo diesel Mitsubishi Pajero?

A 2.8l turbo diesel Mitsubishi Pajero uses a direct injection fuel supply system. It uses diesel and has a fuel tank capacity of 92 liters.