Iraq War
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How the president and congress got the us involved in the Iraq war?

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Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president that got America involved in the Vietnamese War.

With the intention of overthrowing their Governments, which he (for different reasons) considered 'evil'.

No0 not at first. Congress eventually voted to pay for the war.

you mean after all those oil contracts his buddies got in IRAQ?

Obamacare was passed by Congress and declared constitutional by the Supreme CourtUS troops got out of Iraq, but the war in Afghanistan was escalated and continues into his second term.

Kuwiat was invaded by Iraq in the 1990s for oil purposes. The USA got involved and declared war on Iraq. this war was commonly knoown as Operation Desert Storm, the Gulf War, or the Persian Gulf War.

There was no war when George Bush the 43rd President was elected. He started the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq using 9/11 as an excuse when it was really about oil. His father also got us involved in the war in the Middle East, remember Kuwait?

The African National Congress - his political party. He got elected.

Roland W. Burris was the first to serve in Obama's Senate seat (2009-2010).

president obama did what republicanes could not do got our troops our iraq and killed osama ben laden

Technically, the "war on terrorism" is not a war. Bush never declared a war and he never got the approval of congress to go into Iraq.

You got 2 spelling errors " President" "fired" and he can get fired well kind of he can get impeached which means the congress votes on it and if 2/3 of the congress wants him out then he is impeached

Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase and got Congress to approve it and come up with the money.

The system of checks and balances makes each Branch of gov. equal to each other for example the president is the commander in chief meaning that he is in control of the army etc... but he cannot declare war without the go ahead of congress. but the president has a 60 day thing where he can send troops to an area (not approved by congress) if he cant get it passed then he has to recall the army ( only used in dire need kinda what happened in iraq but he got it approved to stay etc)

Saddam Hussein got kick out of Iraq keeping a war going and that he was mistreating the people of Iraq.

President James Madison asked Congress for, and got a declaration of war against Britain in June of 1812.

They where calm not nervous stable and got along with each other

When Congress elected the president and Vice President in the 1700's a vote was taken. The man who got the most votes was president and the second in votes was VP.

Zero. In the 1700's Congress elected the president. The man who got the most votes in Congress won. Popular voting didn't come until later.

He could not get Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act. It was his successor president Johnson who finally got it passed into law.

No. Congress had been straining to maintain American neutrality in the war. In this they were merely reflecting the strongly held and expressed wishes of the American people. The only reason that the United States got involved in the war is because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and were clearly going to keep shooting at us whether we liked it or not. Congress did of course declare war upon President Roosevelt's request but that was merely acknowledging what clearly already existed and evincing the determination to see it through. Michael Montagne

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