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Speed is a scalar, velocity is a vector. Two objects moving at the same speed but in opposite directions will have opposite velocities. If the velocity of the elevator going up is v, the velocity of the elevator going down will be -v.

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Is velocity for waves different than speed?

Speed and velocity are never the same thing.Velocity means 'speed' AND the direction it's going.

Is Speed different from Velocity?

velocity is speed in a direction

What is velocity and how is it different from speed?

Velocity is speed plus direction. If you say you are traveling at 54 miles per hour, you are giving your speed. If you say you are going north at 54 miles per hour, you are giving your velocity.

How is velocity different that speed?

Velocity is a vector Speed is a scaler

Are speed and velocity different?

SPEED has the speed only; while VELOCITY has the direction and the speed.

Distinguish between speed and velocity?

Speed measures how fast something is going. Velocity measures how fast something is going, and in which direction it is going. Speed is a scalar quantity, the length of a velocity vector.

Which is an example of velocity?

Take a train going west at 100 miles per hour and another train going south at the same speed. Their velocities are different because velocity is a vector quantity that gives both speed and direction. Since they are going in different directions they have different velocities.

How is speed and velocity different?

Velocity has a direction.

Speed and velocity how are they alike?

Note that velocity IS your speed PLUS the direction you're going in.

What is the difference between constant speed and constant velocity?

Speed is how fast you are going. Velocity is how fast you are going and what direction you are headed in.

How is speed different than velocity?

Speed does not have the direction associated with it, like velocity does.

How do you distinguish velocity from speed?

Velocity tells you the speed and the direction it's going. Speed only tells you the speed, with no direction.

What is shared between speed and velocity?

Velocity is the speed and direction, whereas speed is how fast your going, So to answer your question speed is velocity just without direction.

How is velocity different from average speeed?

Velocity is speed and its direction. Average velocity is average speed and its direction.

What is acceleration speed and velocity?

Speed is how fast you're going - velocity is your speed plus what direction you're traveling in - and acceleration is the rate at which your velocity is changing.

Is velocity speed?

As used in physics, the two are different. Speed is a scalar, velocity a vector.

Why is speed classified as a scalar quantity and velocity as a vector quantity?

By their definitions: speed is how fast you're going, and velocity is how fast you are going AND what direction you're going in.

How is speed of a body related its velocity?

Part of every velocity is a speed. Speed is the size of the velocity.But the velocity also has a direction, which the speed doesn't.'30 mph North' and '30 mph West' are the same speed but different velocity.

How velocity is different from speed?

velocity is speed with a direction. speed would be like 35mph. velocity would be like 35 mph south

What is different between speed and velocity?

speed is scalar while velocity is a vector. In other words, velocity is to do with direction also. Speed does not show direction.

How is speed different from velocity?

Velocity has a direction component.Speed: 3 ft/sVelocity: 3 ft/s NNWSpeed does not have the direction associated with it, like velocity does.

Which is greater-speed or velocity?

They have exactly the same size. The difference is that 'velocity' tells you which way the 'speed' is going.

What is velocity definition?

Velocity is the speed of an object.

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