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Q: How the whiskey rebellion divide the US?
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What prompted the whiskey rebellion and how did it end?

how did the whiskey rebellion end

Who was involved in the Whiskey Rebellion and why were they protesting?

The Protest were involved in the Whiskey Rebellion.

Was the whiskey rebellion under the Articles of Confederation?

NO- the rebellion occurred in 1794 after the US Constitution was in place.

Why did George Washington use the 1789 whiskey rebellion to show the world?

The quashing of the whiskey rebellion showed that the US federal government was able and had the resolve to enforce its laws.

When did Whiskey Rebellion happen?

Whiskey Rebellion happened in 1794.

Whats was the whiskey rebellion?

The Whiskey Rebellion was a rebellion staged by citizens against the US Government when a tax on whiskey (proposed by Alexander Hamilton) was created in order to raise money to pay for the national debt accumulated during the institution of the Articles of Confederation and accumulated by the US government assuming all states' debts after the Constitution was institutionalized. It was started mostly by those living in the more western US territories, for whiskey was their primary source of revenue.

What was the first rebellion that George Washington had to use the Presidential Power?

He was the US President during the Whiskey Rebellion and he personally took to the field at the head of the militia to enforce the tax on whiskey.

When did the Whiskey Rebellion end?

The Whiskey Rebellion ended in October, 1794.

What was the location of the whiskey rebellion?

the location of the Whiskey Rebellion was...Western Pennsylvania

When was the first opportunity for the power and authority of the US to be demonstrated?

The Whiskey Rebellion

What is the wiskey rebellion?

The whiskey rebellion was a rebellion on taxes on whiskey. People were tired of taxes on corn , so they made whiskey to cover up the corn taxes

What was unfair about the whiskey rebellion?

What was unfair about the whiskey rebellion was that the western farmers from Pennsylvania were taxed on whiskey but the other farmers were not!

Caused rebellion in Pennsylvania?

The federal whiskey tax produced the whiskey rebellion.

What is the whisky rebellion?

The Whiskey Rebellion in the US was when George Washington had put a tax on Whiskey. The farmers did not like the idea of being taxed for whiskey. Therefore they dipped the tax collectors in tar and refused to pay taxes on Whiskey. George Washington sent a government enforcement to go make them pay the tax on the whiskey.

Location of the whiskey rebellion?

The Whiskey Rebellion was located in Western Pennsylvania.

How did Washington handled whiskey rebellion?

He sent in US Marshals to put it down

What was the difference between shays rebellion and the whiskey rebellion?

Shays rebellion showed that the Constitution was weak Whiskey rebellion showed that the constitution was strong

What was the Historical significance of the whiskey rebellion?

The farmers were under attack by the whiskey taxation and they started the rebellion

What was an outcome of the Whiskey Rebellion?

Washington showed that he would enforce federal laws as president as a result of the Whiskey Rebellion.

Why did the whiskey rebellion occur?

The whiskey rebellion happened because George washington had a national debt and taxed people on the whiskey to pay the debt.

How did George Washington react to the Whiskey Rebellion?

George Washington did react to the whiskey rebellion by sending many federal soldiers who crushed the rebellion.

What was George Washingtons reaction to the whiskey rebellion?

He sent in US Marshals to put it down

What was happening in the US when George Washington was president?

The Whiskey Rebellion Giggity.

Who led the army that suppressed the whiskey rebellion?

George Washington led the army during the whiskey Rebellion.

What was the cause of the wiskey rebellion?

The cause of the whiskey rebellion was a result of a new sin tax placed on whiskey.